They are not all evil

This problem is not about failed or disgraced cops. Rather it is about simple dishonesty.

These officers are not criminal types who lie and cheat, use violence, or commit sex crimes, they are greedy and infected by post-Thatcher lack of morals. Police officers are paid very well for undertaking their responsibilities but some people will always want more and be prepared to go for it.

At least they are prepared to earn an extra income; some just want it on a plate. Or, maybe, they want to earn two incomes simultaneously. It will not be the first time that one of our police officers have been on their second job when they are supposed to be on their first job.

We all have to pay for it in the end.

It is abundantly clear from the many public reports in the pages of this honest web site that far too many police officers have evil inclinations. But by no means all of them. There are some who, while rejecting evil, are still bent of breaking many rules if selfishness requires it.Their chosen behaviour is sometimes harmless. I expect some of them claim that there are no victims because they are not anti-social.

I am sure that they could do much worse but to be gratified by that is rather like being gratified because you were only stabbed a couple of times when they might have killed you and burned down your house.

With regard to the two police officers who recently visited me, they claimed that they wanted to research the offences of driving a motor propelled vehicle on our "Protected Open Space". In vain, I expllained that the research had already been done and no less a persoage than a Home Office Minister had declared that it came under section 34 of the RTA, 1988. It was so transparent that they hoped that Trafford Council might be able to withdraw the protection and then they would have to do nothing.

Sure enough, today came an email disingenually referring to the open space connected to Buxton Crescent. It came from GMP so maybe they did not get as much support as they thought they may from Trafford. No matter, I have it in writing from the Home Office and I am not forsaking that to take a chance on the perfidious Albion that is GMP.

GMP has recorded the incident and if it is not dealt with soon there will be yet another investigation because the National Government is punishing GMP for earlier failings to deal with complaints by forcing them to deal with complaints early.

We intend to stand by the Home Office's decision as long as is possible.

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