There is ALARMING news that Sale Community police have used their influence with the twisted Trafford Council to remove or reduce the protection that our green along Dalebrook Road has enjoyed since time immemorial.

Last night I spoke to a police sergeant who could not confirm the news but two community officers recently confirmed that an email had already been sent to the Council making representations to that effect.

However, the sergeant could confirm that there could be a reduction of the protection by regarding the green, not as protected open space, but by classifying it as common land. Essentially, the police would allow motor vehicles to use with impunity the first 45 feet of the green measured from the kerb.

There is still much doubt as to whether common land may be used in this way but we cannot take the risk. Common rights are generally about grazing cattle, digging peat, or collecting fire wood but there is no mention of driving motor vehicles.

I have started collecting signatures on a petition beseeching the Council not to reduce the protection that the green has previously enjoyed. When it's gone - it's gone!

Urgency is now the name of the game. We must impress our Council and councillors about the depth of our feelings.

It is a sobering thought that this situation has come about because of the fecless nature of our community police. The Inspector for Sale withdrew all her officers from Brooklands but in secrecy. She often gave us written assurances that her officers were still in Brooklands and were dealing with the vandals.

In spite of their glowing propaganda our green is being trashed by the police decisions on the ground (or rather not on the ground). Our protectors and supporters have become our tormentors.

No one should think these are the worst of all the photographs - they are not, but they are a fairly representative example of what the community police service has bequeathed to us. As shabby and shameful as it has become under the watch of Inspector Laura Burgess we must not allow the protection that we now have to slip away.

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