Full Admission from Insp. Burgess

While Blackburn's guilt was both obvious and absurd, Burgess' guilt was less obvious but just as certain. When the Professional Standards Branch made its first report, which basically said that nobody did anything wrong, Burgess was open to hobson's choice.She could deny that she had withdrawn her officers but then she would have to explain why there were no police officers available, ever.

She could also say that because our area was a quiet, leafy area she had done the clever thing and abanoned it. This might put her in a better light but she would be throwing Blackburn to the wolves.

Furthermore, what if it stopped being quiet? In fact this is what happened and she would be under the hammer because the hell-raisers would be in control. This is what she decided to admit to. Her outright admission of guilt came in the first report from the Professional Standards Branch.

But 18 months earlier she had foolishly admitted the very opposite in several emails to me. Naturally, I kept these emails and in them she sold Blackburn down the river by saying that she had discussed all the complaints with him.

She also confirmed that she had been lying all along because to promise action when she had already withdrawn her troops would be an empty promise.

Browsers will note that the promised action could not happen because the troops were gone, but she covers it for the time being by limiting the action to the "giving of advice". Neither could this happen for the same reason.

Nonetheless, she efficiently dispatches her Community Officer by declaring that he knew about the complaints. She gave a final twist of her knife by declaring the issue to be about parking when it was never that. It started with young lads trashing the wet green by holding races along the length of it.

More malpractice came to light when she "created" her contemporaneous notes of the meeting in September, 2010. It came to light that her notes were written up to agree with her needs, four months later in January, 2011.

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