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Last updated:

October 12th, 2013

Tonight (11th September,2012) a TV programme will serve up the untold story of evidence, hidden for decades, about the Hillsborough Disaster. Just over two years ago (16th June, 2010) the Savile Report blew the whistle on the Bloody Sunday murders. The connection between the two is that the top judiciary in the land were responsible for corrupt procedures which permitted the most heinous crimes to be hidden from accountability.

Britain has little room to criticise third world systems of justice when we have delayed justice for so long. It has come to be synonymous with perjury and bent legal proceedings. It took 38 years for the very obvious murders of Bloody Sunday to be finally acknowledged, and yet there are some who still think that we are lucky to be British because everything is so fair.

The truth is that British Justice is thoroughly corrupted and compromised. There ought to be little wonder that local police officers and those belonging to Trafford Council are tainted, shamed, and humiliated by corruption.

We begin here a detailed account of the mendacity of police and council officials. It begins with a meeting at Sale police station in June, 2009, and runs continuously to the present day. Those present at the meeting were PC Paul Blackburn, Kate Loboda (Council Officer), and myself. I was shocked at the lying of Blackburn. Virtually every word he spoke was a lie. I had no idea what he had written in his notebook but because of his total disregard for the truth I refused to have anything to do with him and refused to dignify his notebook with a signature.

Almost two years later I did get a copy of his notebook and I reproduce it here in "Big Lie No 1". It bears no resemblance to my own contemporaneous notes written within one hour of the interview.

The whole country has heard a lot in recent days about the police amending statements to make them fit the story they want to project. This is one such story. The Judges and police officers have been powerless in the face of lying police officers.

After the interview I wrote this letter to Loboda which I believe sets out a damning indictment. Of course, it never received any reply to the accusation.

This re-born web site is designed to alert parents to the dangers of keeping one's head buried in the sand. It is noticeable that in Buxton Crescent there are some parents who look at police officers through rose coloured glasses.

Instead of warning their children that some police officers are the very last ones to be trusted, they convince their children that every police officer or council officer is wholesome and will present no danger.

This site will present the demonstrable truth about two officers who are the very last to be entrusted with vulnerable children.

In format it will present a long, long list of corruption on the left hand side, and in the web site it will show documentary evidence which is unimpeachable as testimony against these officers.

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