Do they think that we will believe anything?

Propaganda from the GMP is on the televeision right now, so we need to take stock of our thoughts in case we have been too quick to critiscise officers in general.

All of the propaganda that I have watched on the TV is exactly the same sort. None of the programs are fit to be an apologist for the GMP. They all have one thing in common - banality. The script appears to be: 1/ pick out a dozen half decent officers, from the many thousands of over bearing and truculent ones, who may be relied upon to appear smooth, even suave, before the camera; 2/ allow them only minutes on camera in order to make use of cutting and editing; 3/ transient incidents on camera may show only what good guys they are.

Who do they think they are kidding?

The other side of the truth is the sort of scene shown recently on this web site: an officer blatantly fabricating evidence in full view of an independent camera, or up to a dozen officers, some of them carrying guns but all of them with at least drawn batons, bringing to ground a young woman living on a modest street, which none of the officers are condemned to because they are on such good money.

Are any of these officers the sort that these women, or myself, can relate to? So much for Fahy wanting officers with tattoos because the hoi peloi can relate more to them. If we didn't know better we should think he really believes his officers are perfect in every way.

Consider what we are shown on the TV. Officers in numbers are searching a house. It's very impressive. Using only brain power these officers happen upon a cache of drugs, right in front of the camera. Officers are so clever.

Now consider PC Paul Blackburn, certainly not the sharpest knife in the drawer. In 2011 he explained how until recently he did not know that The Green belonged to Trafford Council. It's a great surprise that he thought that way because all the "furniture" on The Green carries a bold inscription that it belongs to Trafford. Apart from that, for the last century ALL open space has belonged to the council.

Could he have found drugs to order on camera? Judging by his observation on The Green, probably not - he'd have been lucky if he found the address!

Further over to the right is a really tragic case of a young man cut down in his prime because he met up with the GMP officers. This should really concern Fahy but he will shrug it off like he has all the other things his troops get up to.

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