For over 2 years

she lied through her teeth

PC Paul Blackburn is not the sharpest knife in the drawer but he yearned with all his heart for a victory in court. He had 15 months from June 2009 until September, 2010, and he did not manage to find a single genuine offence against me. At the age of 68 and a blameless life was I likely to fall victim to the law? Well, there was a guilty verdict, but not a conviction, and only secured by repeated perjury.

The wheels are now fast coming off his wagon.

These five emails sent by Inspector Laura Burgess read at first sight as sweet and charming. Not a bit of it. We now know that from June 2009 she had a secret policy of abandoning this Community and no officer was following up any complaints. In fact, the vandals were protected by her and her officers from any kind of prosecution.

What a reasonable sounding letter; it melts your heart. It should be noted that this was written in June 2010 and by then her secret policy of abandoning this part of Sale had beeb in effect for a full year. Since then she has been investigated by the Professional Standards Branch in which she admitted to deciding the policy in June 2009. She admits that they were never going to deal with the vandals. What a liar!

Also it is clear that the two were fully in contact with each other. She refers to PC Blackburn having dealt with a complaint and having all the photographs. Funny thing that because the following April he was claiming under oath that "there were never any complaints".

This email is in August 2010, two months later. Her secret policy is in full force but it is in peril beacuse it will no longer be a secret if the sign goes up on the green telling the public that it is an offence. She had been maintaining that it was not an offence. It was even more of a tangled web the following month.

She gives disingenuous excuses for objecting to the petition. It was never intended to be the "final solution" as she claims. It was intended to counter the public claim by Tony Guy that it was not an offence and any one could drive with impunity anywhere on the green.

I am not entirely sure what she means by this message. It was sent in early September before the CPS had rejected PC Blackburns false allegation, e.g. picking up dog dirt offensively, resting on the green offensively, parking my car on the road with one wheel touching the kerb, using the word "yob" in a quote from the Manchester Evening News.

"In terms of the Harassment Act and your investigation" she must mean the allegations that Blackburn had sent to the CPS. She obliquely refers to these "offences" to which she is party and then wishes me good health. Is there some sarcasm in there?

A few days later the CPS rejected every allegation.

On 17th September, Sgt Barron annd PC Blackburn called to deliver the news that the CPS has rejected their allegations "and all their works and pomps".

It prompted Inspector Burgess to refer to "tit for tat exchanges". This was pure invention. While the vandals were abusive and trashing the green to boot I never did more that take evidential photographs of their behaviour and write it up in my blog. Had they stopped the vandalism there would have been no photographs.

The following day, one of the vandals in full view of two witnesses drove from the pavement and on to the green and then over to the brook before returning to the pavement where he parked his car. This witness was never interviewed.

This was the act that broke the truce that had been asked for by PC Blackburn when he visited me two days before. It is outrages that he shoud protect these vandals from the impact of the law. What is more is that he subsequently claimed that when he left my house I had upload another page to my blog. He repeated this under oath. There never was such a document and he has been challenged to produce it without success.

A timeline of activity shows that there was an intensivation of the vandalism immediiately after the CPS rejected his allegations.

Again her written view is that she had discussed with PC Blackburn the so-called nonexistent complaints.

This is two months after the perjured trial in which I was not convicted but given a conditional discharge. I have already published the letter from the Magistrates Court which says that no punishment was imposed. It doesn't seem to make much difference. PC Blackburn is stil;l weeping into his beer about a guilty verdic being a conviction.. I have also published the case law which conclusively says that it isn't.

PC Blackburn is not the sharpest knife in the drawer and he cannot accept that his law is not the law created by Parliament. Even Sgt Sanderson said the same thing. If several officers of GMP are going around saying the same false thing then we have every reason not to accept what the say. A covert recording clearly has Sanderson saying it is a conviction. Also, he asked us a sensible quetion: what do you hope to get out oof your complaint? I replied that the officers should be dismissed the service. "That's not going to happen" he replied instantly.

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