None of these allegations were offences. We know that for certain because PC "Y" sent off all of his absurd allegations to the Crown Prosecution Service and every one of them was determined not to be "harassment".

This is what PC Paul Blackburn and Kate Loboda wanted to see me about. They reckoned it was anti-social to try to stop vandals. The CPS knew differently. They exonnerated me. I drew PC Blackburn's attention to the vandals and he promised that he would deal with them. Nonesense, his Inspector had just decided to withdraw Community police cover from this part of Sale.

Just four days worth of wanton behaviour

by our very own yobs.

There sometimes comes a time when the only reasonable response to continued bad behaviour is to go the whole hog and identify those responsible. Maybe it comes as a surprise to their families but in this matter I fell sure that there will be no such surprise.

Since the police cracked down smartly last Tuesday on a driving instructor who had given a driving lesson on the green the night before, I have taken a particular interest in those who drive on the green.

It is not a trivial matter. Why should bikers and twocers who drive on the gress without insurance be any different from those caught driving on the green without insurance as casual as they like. Once they have mounted the kerb their insurance is void.

There should not be different standards.

My attention turned to a gang of yobs that I have been monitoring for about two years. There are five of them and these are the homes from which they sally forth to do their damage.

This is where Gareth lives in Dalebrook Road and late on the Sunday evening his car is still on the gress where he chooses to park in contempt of the law. His mother Carol has told my wife and I that he is a good boy. Just another deluded mother. According to Gareth his mother calls me that little fat cunt. If it's true then there is little wondering where he got his character from.


This is where the two brothers live. The father and his partner seem to be decent folk, but his sons are another thing altogether. In the same way as Gareth, they drive on the green rather than park in the drive. There is much to say about their hell raising exploits and I shall be saying later in this report.

This is the house on Cranleigh Drive, on the corner of Ashstead Road, where two other brothers live. Rumour has it that they are of South American origin and have been adopted and spoiled rotten. As soon as they could drive they had nice new cars which they used as chariots racing each other along the grass.

When I took this picture the silver car was parked very tidily at the kerb down Ashstead Road.

I first came across them when I caught them pushing a garden centre type of trolley in to the brook. I asked them not to do it but they carried on. They were about 15 at that time. I knocked on Tony's door at NO 49 Dalebrook Road. He sorted them out. I don't think that they ever got over that.

Before long it was obvious that these lads were bent on causing as much trouble as they could. The worst was when they all got cars and began driving the length of green in mindless manoevres. Of course, it never occurred to them that if they ran someone down they had no insurance cover off the road.

I have personally witnessed one of Tony's boys (the one who drives the little van) careering down the green from Craddock and then turning abruptly left across the road and straight into his drive.

In much the same way I have witnessed the driver of the silver car doing hand brake turns on the wet grass causing lots of damage.

Speaking of damage, last Christmas visitors to Carol's casually parked on the green. What madness! The green was like a bog. They were pointing towards the lower numbers but when the cretins moved off, instead of turning right on to the road they turned left. They were intent on describing a great circle on the green.

Straight away they sank up to their axles. They left behind the most awful message with ruts about a foot deep. Carol came and said that her partner would repair it with a spade. We didn't have much confidence in that. Over the next fortnight my wife repaired it with her feet while walking our dog.

It is typical of her partner that he wouldn't lift a finger. He rarely seems to have any social responsibility. It will be evident later in the photographs that I display.

On another occasion one of the yobs from the Cranleigh Drive house who has the large Alsatian, called from one side of the brook to the other when a lady was frightened by his dog. "You fucking clown" he shouted. Fortunately, it was so bad that the lady never has forgotten it.

If residents continue to abuse the green it will make it more difficult to challenge the Council if the opt for selling it. We could hardly claim to cherish the amenity when there loads of evidence that we treat it like a fifties bomb site.

A dog walker told me that the Council would never build on it because it is too near the water. Well, they have built on the green at both ends and right up to the water.

More recently I caught the driver of the little white van walking in to his drive clutching a can. He stopped, threw back his head a dn drained the can. Then he walked back to the pavement and hurled the can on to the green.

When I reached his house I knocked on his door and asked him politely to pick up the can. He refused. I ordered him to pick up the can and he did so but he had the nerve to say that without me there would have been no evidence. That's the level of their mentality. If they can get away with something that's all they care.

The reason for the great many instances shown in the photos is because I want to make sure that residents and the police understand. This bad behaviour is not a flash in the pan, it is day in and day out. From the photos one can see that these residents couldn't give a toss about the community. They have no excuse for leaving the road or using their drive, but they prefer to steer on to the green.

This is the beginning of the sequence. Thursday afternoon, 2nd July, the car from Cranleigh Drive has chosen to drive along the grass and park there. There are no parking constraints - the road is virtually empty. It is obvious that driving and parking on the green is the very first resort.


This is one of the other delinquent vehicles. It regularly races down the green and turns abruptly to the left and crosses the road in to his drive.

I know that there is a decorator at this address but there is plennty of room on the drive and failing that there is plennty of space on the road. Both family cars are instead parked in their favourite spot on the green

Thursday afternoon, Gareth's car parked casually right in the middle of the green. Do his parents care?

Gareth's car is still there only this time all the windows are open and the radio is full on. Is there anybody in Dalebrook who would condone this behaviour except their parents?

They retrieve their football from a neighbour's garden. Can this resident really be aware of the trouble they are causing? Does he condone this treatment of the green and of the risk we all run while they drive without insurance.

Once again the road is virtually empty and so is Gareth's drive but the first choice is to drive and park on the green. The moment that he mounts the kerb he is driving withjout insurance.

It is still Thursday afternoon.

Having spotted me taking photos of their activities, they produce their own camera as if they have every right to behave badly. It doesn't do me any harm but it illustrates what yobs they are.

Note that the little white van is parked in the middle of the green for no good reason. His drive is empty and there is plenty of parking space on the road.

The Friday morning has arrived and the remains of a fish and chip supper, or something similar, has been thrown out of the window of a car parked on the green outside Gareth's. Over the past two years I have grown tired of picking up their litter in this spot.

This time I decided to leave it and monitor the situation. .


Late Friday morning and the litter is still there. Maybe they haven't yet had time to spot it.

Friday afternoon and the silver car from Cranleigh is back in the same place - virtually standing on its litter from the previous night.

This is another shot of the Cranleigh car virtually standing on its litter from the night before, only this is a close up to give everyone an eyefull.

Late, very late, Friday night and the litter is still there. Could they possibly have missed it, or do they always ignore their litter?

Friday/Saturday 2am, the litter is still there having survived the "attentions"of Gareth's father throughout Friday

A hot Saturday morning and the remains of the fish supper are still there in full view of Gareth's parents. None of them, and none of the parents, has thought to clear away their litter.

Carol's partner was seen on the Friday tending to his car but never thought of picking up the rubbish his visitors had left.

In the middle of the photo one may just see the tracks leading towards the camera. This shows that they have been driving along the green.

The tracks can be plainly seen here. I followed them further.

The vehicle was coming towards the camera; it had veered round the low hanging branch.


It is evidence that the Cranleigh car drove along the green before parking up for them to enjoy their supper. They have done this often in the past.

On and on the tracks go. I thought that they would be joining the road soon.

The tracks may be followed back towards their origin. I expected them to leave the road at about number 19.

Further down the trail it looks as if maybe the car joined the green at number 19, but I was wrong. The vehicle must have joined the green even further along. I had seen enough and I gave up.

Saturday afternoon and the wind is beginning to blow the litter around. It has been there since Thursday night. None of the yobs, nor the parents, have bothered to clear up after them. I repeat I have been doing it for two years.

Just a little later the wind has started to move the litter back to the "car park".

Now its Sunday morning and the litter has changed. Right opposite Gareth's on the green where they dump their car there is a "Lilt" can. How long will that stay there?

Later on Sunday Gareth has quite needlessly moved his car off the drive and dumped it on the green. What possible excuse does he have for going to this trouble?


Signs of activity from number 47. Tony's son joins Gareth to plot their next yob behaviour.

Cameras abound. Having decided their plot, one of the Cranleigh lads joins the other two and they all produce cameras when I arrive to take a photo.

Still seeing their behaviour as great fun the alter their pose. Essentially, there is no difference between them and the bikers or the driving instructor.

This is Gareth drive at the same time. It is completely clear and there is no need for anyone to park on the green.

Hopefully the resident will remember that these picture are just four days worth of regular behaviour by these yobs, which in the case of at least one family seems to be echoed by the parents.

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