Thomson the Giant Holiday Firm

Is Not as Good as Its Word

The well advertised international Giant Thomson Holidays is mentioned elsewhere in this web site sometimes with a not so agreeable flavour. One may read it for oneself or in the newspapers that carried the stories.

The reading suggested to me that some holiday makers had been let down by bullying staff, the absence of compassion in its suport staff, and lethal incompetence in its ground staff.

Hayley Kitson, one of its aircrew, joined forces with corrupt police officers to harass me and between them bring forward malicious prosecution. The whole truth may be seen in this web site.

She no longer lives in Dalebrook Road now. Her partner left her some years ago and now she has moved in with another victim on the west side of Washway Road, Sale. her screaming fits are well known but her poor daughter is the butt of many of them. "This is my house and I'll do what I like". We all hope that she can go to University in a few years time and have a break.

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