Thomson the Giant Holiday Firm

Is Not as Good as Its Word

This piece of fiction was extant in 2010 when Judge Lloyd exercised her power by protectinng this poor vulnerable Holiday Firm from bad publicity by gagging those that might have offered the truth. All credit to those newspapers who told the truth about its antics.

Does it really need protection? Has Judge Lloyd acquired a king's ransom in this vulnerable enterprise? One can never tell why she has taken the business close to her bosom.

She will not be the first judge to have transgressed the law enough to wind up in jail. Reading the archive pages of this web site will make clear how judges have fallen from grace.

The main point that I hope people will take from this chapter is that Thomson's professed to be a caring company that demanded from its staff a caring nature. However, when it was faced with a maverick member of aircrew it threw its caring nature to the four winds.

It denied culpability by hiding its fanciful code of conduct. Does anyone know exactly why it changed the code?

The code was eventually replaced, presumably with one that did not make so many grand promises. The one that is now extant has never been checked to see how utterly irresponsible it is. It is most unlikly to endow TUI custmers with more rights than earlier. If it is trading honourably then why is it so defensive about what has caused these mishaps?

There is certainly something going wrong to have a healthy mother killed at the dinner table. More than that, to have an objection raised over a refund when a tiny baby is fighting cancer. Moreover to have a member of staff haranging a passenger over the phone and a family having to struggle to get justice for a holiday ruined by living in a hovel.

Please pay particular attention to the TUI code shown over the far side of this page. People do die whilst on these holidays and if you are to get caught up in fine print it is likely that this fineprint that will hang you.

Do you remember how Hayley Kitson who appears on these pages was encouraging other vandals to trash The Green? TUI didnot even hhhark unto the expectation ood the CAA who said that the Company had a duty of care. Instead they brewed up a concoction thaaaaaaaat I was tring to get her the sack. The perverse Judge Lloyd could do a lot with that so TUI did not have a care in the world.

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