Here the reader may pause for a break. This web page lifts the lid on the certfied truth of what our community police are really like.

Inspector Laura Burgess decided to flex her muscles by abandoning Brooklands to vandals, ruffians, and rogues. She quietly withdrew all her officers that were supposed to be patrolling Brooklands to be used elsewhere.

Rather than do this honestly, she did it sneakily, denying it at every opportunity.

Eventually, an investigation was forced up on her in which she admitted the least harmful of her many lies. Her lies were so contradictory that she had to admit some of them rather than lose everything.

It was no consolation to the community who had paid in its rates for police cover only to have it snatched away so that Laura Burgess could look good on School Road. Our ever loyal local newspapers described her as "always popular". Either they already knew what a rat she was and were prepared to be sarcastic, or they were so ignorant that it was just a stab in the dark.

Tony Guy's family were no better. They were allowed to trash The Green any way they liked in return for supplying false evidence to the corrupt PC Paul Blackburn. They, too, have gone now to be replaced by a perfectly charming person. Tony Guy may be seen parking his big van in his cul-de-sac on the western side of Derbyshire Road, Sale.

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