The dog walker has friends who are police officers, but not ordinary officers, they are the real deal - honest officers without a stain on their character.

How so? I know absolutely nothing about them but I can refer to my research. The code of conduct listed opposite is officially how they are regarded by The Queen and The Establishment but I have found none that is so deserving of this veneration. Can there ever be such police officers?

Have they never used even a little bit of their authority for their own benefit? Have they never parked on double yellows with impunity? Have they never gilded the lily just a little bit for court evidence?

The dog walker will yield to no one in this respect. They are the perfect specimens of what white knights they ought be. They must be paragons of virtue.

Of course, there are other specimens. Take the police officer oppisite. He is an authentic and genuine example of what officers of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) aspire to be. He has the arrogance that the dog walker and every one else will rcognise. He has such fluency in lying that he has worked his way from the ranks to Inspector. The walker will recognise him from his subtle understanding of both the general law and the Human Rights act - mostly in the breach than in the observance. It really would not do to offer too much in the way of Human Rights.

He is a specimen of everything that officers ought not to be. His picture is one that is reviled in many places. It is notable only because he was not shot at dawn (an action that he richly deserved) but congratulated by the GMP Authorities. Incredibly, our wonderful PCC and his sweetheart, the Police Chief, exonnerated the officer and everybody else. This reprehensible officer of the law abused his authority to invoke a particularly nasty example of evil policing. If the browser should click on his picture one will find out what evil he was up to.

Isn't it outrageous that such a person should be considered for police service? Is he not acting out his normal traits? Is this the only time that their masks have slipped while exposed to the camera? What chance does any have of policing by consent when we can all see what dreadful people these officers have become? YOU CAN TRUST NO ONE!

Who knows what the future holds, maybe this book will be languishing on bookshelves long before the dog walker will reralise that their police officers are myths.

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