This next chapter is not about being a vandal in the ordinary sense. She didn't have the courage of her soul mate, the flght attendant, but it is worth mentioning her role because she would throw her considerable weight about if she thought you were frightened. While the vandals spent their time trashing The Green she concentrated on blocking the road with her caravan and cars. Naturally, it did not stop there.

From time to time there were skips and trades men's vans as well. In a small semidetached, there simply was not the room at the kerb for all or even many of these vehicles. On this day she came storming over to me. I met the woman with the sort of stoicism that can only be found in darkest Yorkshire. Having drawn a blank on me she set off down the road with a scowl that looked as if she meant business. A near neighbour had the prescence of mind to drive down to my wife and give her the heads up. My wife can certainly hold her own, so Vicky had no more luck there. Isn't it odd how a simple photograph can turn the neighbourhood into somethng akin to a slum when the right people are in it.

Nonetheless, she had a solution. She would simply move the vans belonging to the tradesmen onto The Green and any other spare vehicles she could find. She cared little for the community around her which seemed to be in common with her previous location. I heard a story about them wanting to build an exension, but it was on somebody's land. I was told that Vicky Smith stood there, hands on hips, saying you won't win. It seems the woman did win! As I have said, in all fairness, this was some one else's report but it is plausible.

On the bright side, she gave birth to a most delightful child anyone would want to meet. She was so helpful that she always wanted to do something for someone. For several years I kept a note of her birthday in case relations chilled to the point where a card would be permitted.

On the debit side it was impossible to clear one's head of her driving her 4X4 along Dalebrook Road with her phone glued to her ear. Likewise, as I was photographing a particularly good female driver as she turned expertly into her drive I caught the end of Vicky's rampage along the green as she was about to return to the road. She normally turned the car around by driving on to The Green and eventually back on to the road.

Ironically, when they thought they were trashing The Green they were putting it to good use. They would hire a gazebo and throw a party on The Green It was not the sort of party that would interest many down Dalebrook Road but it was fun. The great surpriiise and a credit to the vandals was that they left The Green spotless each time.

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