Our intrepid PCC hac entered into a contract with his sweetheart, the Chief of Police Sir Peter Fahy, and we have promised to hold him to it. This is mainly because it is so obviously propaganda without any intention of actually following through to to the benefit of of the community. We expect it to remain as no more than propaganda so in this book we can afford to foretell the future.

Tony Lloyd, our PCC, examined the police action at the Barton Moss fracking protest and afterwards declared that all the police officers were entirely innocent of any bad or illegal behaviour. We could expect the Police Chief to lie to support his officers because that is what they do, but the PCC is expected to represent some civilian attitude into their feral nature. So the community was gobsmacked to hear our PCC agreeing with the Police Chief.

Let us take a look at what the two of them agreed:

It looks good and sounds good but it is all empty propaganda. These are politicians taking half a morning to concoct a spate of words which serves to keep the public content. It does not mean anything that is real.

For example, this police officer is possibly the worst police officer in the country not in jail. One may see an example of how he behaves by clicking on his picture to the right. The click will start a video rolling of how this officer conducts himself on duty. It will take perhaps 3 minutes to download to your computer but it is well worth the wait.

The point of it is that both of the parties to this contract declared themselves to be thoroughily satisfied with the officer's conduct. The two men have not the slightest intention of 'sorting' out rogue officers. So it did not take long for their true colours to be exposed!

We understand that this officer will be brought to account, but only because this particular white wash was too much for the Independent Police Complaints Commission, who smartly intervened.

Initially the pair boasted that they aimed to make the Greater Manchester Police (GMP) the best and most trusted police force in the country. Looking at the big picture they will have their work cut out because as I write this GMP is vying for bottom place with the Met. They do come out with such a load of tripe.

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