15:14 29/04/2016

There is a saying 'what goes around comes around', never was it more true than in the case of Christie Hospital . Elsewhere in this site I have explained how I started my whistle blowing career by exposing the lying of Joanna Wallace, CEO of the Hospital in 2001.

It is a case of at least once again as the expenses of Caroline Shaw form a rope with which she will hang herself. Is it not a profound thing that with all the honours and decorations bestowed upon the CEO she has to cock a snoop at honesty and accountability and defraud the hospital like a greedy pickpocket. Does the atmosphere at the hospital encourage the lofty staff to treat the money at the hospital as its own.

Something must be done about it accounting procedures if only to make the senior staff take on board the fact that they are in the public eye and sooner or later they will be seen for what they are.

The more lowly staff are also to blame because they have worshipped the CEO and made them feel that they can do no wrong. I vividly recall a nurse who saw me crossing the road after a visit to their fundraising office and she denounced me to the world by saying that I was a nutter for saying bad things about her CEO. She ought to have denounced the CEO herself and saved her hospital a deal of bad publicity.

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