Hazel Kimmitt Trafford Council has now replied to my appeal; it has been denied of course. Incredibly, they blame me for continuing my campaign to clear my name.

Let us remind the public, the GMP, and Trafford officers of what has happened: Trafford Council and GMP invited me to a meeting. Naturally, I attended. What followed was a bunch of bizarre allegations from GMP. They were so false that I should have been insane to sign the officer's note book. The officer, PC Paul Blackburn, was so cross with me that he decided on a vendetta against me. I think that he expected me to fold up under the sight of all his majesty. For the next 18 months I was the target of his bizarre allegations. All of them rejected by CPS as being civil matters, not criminal matters.

Still Blackburn continued trying to weave his evil web.

Of course, when these inconsistencies are resolved I shall desist.

Just as the 18 months expired a Government MP sent me confirmation that driving on The Green was an offence. It made no difference. Blackburn continued to harass me. He broke every rule in the book but all the other agencies backed him up. Blackburn continued to tell the most immense lies. He claimed that there never had been any complaints, even under oath. When he can resolve that inconsistency we might make progress.

Before the trial CPS have a duty to satisfy themselves that the evidence is good. How can it be pronounced to be good when all the concrete evidence shows that it is a lie? Having plunged headlong in to the fray Cheryl Hraniak (CPS) could not afford to change her mind. She could only clam up and say nothing. All approaches to her were met with silence. When this inconsistency and others have been resolved I shall desist.

Considering with surprise that the Trafford harassment specialist, Kate Loboda, could not find a true bit of harassment for 18 monthes, I asked Trafford Council Leader, Mathew Colledge, to investigate her bizarre record of rejected allegations. Instead of investigating Loboda he contacted GMP to dig up some dirt on me. GMP hold what they call intelligence files and GMP were pleased to blacken my name. They did not know that Colledge was going to write it all down and send me a nasty letter. The intelligence is not evidence, it is what they think or hope will one day be proved. As a result, it was 97% false. I received an apology from GMP, saying that the issue was still sub judice and might still end badly for GMP. When this inconsistency and others have been resolved I shall desist.

The judge, Judge Lloyd, was hopelessly partial. She reckoned that if one person was compared with another that the two must have the same characteristics. Ingemar Johansson was a heavyweight boxer. Muhammed Ali was a heavyweight boxer. That must mean that Ingemar Johansson was a black American Muslim boxer. How illogical is that. It means that if a flight attendant was compared with a local fish wife then then both must be murderers when only one was a convicted murderer. I do not want to be taken for a know all but I am certainly not stupid. When these and other inconsistencies can be resolved then I shall desist.

In court there was evidence that the flight hostess drove her car at me twice while I and my dog was standing on The Green. That was described by the CAA as the main reason for making a report to the police. No action of any sort was taken by the police. When this inconsistency and others have been resolved I shall desist.

Before the trial during the 18 months that PC Blackburn sent the bizarre allegations to CPS I was arrested several times and once had the Eucharist brought to my police cell. Since none of the allegations were anything but civil matters PC Blackburn was out of order detaining me. When this inconsistency and others have been resolved I shall desist.

When Gareth Evans and the rest of the vandals were drunk and swigging beer, carousing as only drunks can, Carol Evans saw me taking photographs and threatened to call the police. The gang were leaning against a truck which was a separate offence by being on The Green. I was not taking photographs - it was a video so that the singing could also be captured. Why was Carol so certain that the police would protect her son? Were these vandals untouchable? When this inconsistency and others have been resolved I shall desist.

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