TUI revisited

I have noticed with some satisfaction that TUI is the holiday company being pilloried in the press and other media for its distinctly lacklustre performance for holiday makers in Tunisia.

I know this company well and can certainly shed some light on its past behaviour. Its flight attendant, Hayley Kitson, was the vandal responsible for much of the vandalism on The Green. The written advice of the CAA was that she ought to be reported to her employer. The advice stood on two salient points: 1/ TUI had a duty of care to examine the flight risk, 2/ She had driven her car at me walking on The Green with my dog. But, enough of history for now.

PC Blackburn had conducted a bizarre interview in which he hurled crazy allegation after allegation at me. It was not an investigation it was a pantomime. When he produced his notebook already made out I didn't look at it because it had little to do with the interview. How right I was to keep some distance between me and the notebook. So peeved was he that he spent the next 18 months trying in vain to pin something on me. Every one of his allegations were dismissed by the CPS.

At the time I was a Manchester Community Guardian. By the side one can find pictures of my work, never seen before, how active I had been at that time. I also show some of his bizarre allegations againt me.

So, how does TUI fit into this jigsaw? Blackburn had tried for 18 months to pin something on me and was becoming very bitter. Two months later, after his Inspector had told me to deal with the hooligans myself, Blackburn arrested me.

His arrest of me was based on the fact that I had written a letter to TUI. I had told TUI that a flight attendant of theirs was running amock on The Green. Everyone knew TUI had a duty of care and because of that it was expected to run a risk assessment. What we did not know was that TUI was uncommonly carefree in its attention to customer safety.

In my letter I had not named the lady and left TUI with a free hand to behave as they should have done and as the CAA said they would do. True to its nature TUI did nothing about its duty of care.

After his 18 months of empty stalking Blackburn was very bitter about my clear conscience. TUI suddenly called him in to deal with someone who had had the temerity to ask them to examine one of their staff. Blackburn must have thought that it was manna from heaven. There were no more thoughts of danger in the skies than UTI had. To him, being a police officer, was no more about such Titanic dangers as it was to witness a murder (or maybe 30 odd murders in Tunisia).

His overwhelming instinct was to charge an innocent person on The Green. A wonderful opportunity to pull up TUI had been missed. From the early press reports it would seem security was non-existent as a murderous ISIS killer roamed the beach and hotel executing holiday makers at will. If only that oaf of a police officer had taken a little time to see the bigger picture he would have seen that there was more to UTI than holidays. For a start it was another German Chairman. Why do German chairmen feature so prominently in wayward Holiday Companies? Could it be that they are all chaired by Germans, so that whatever company fails it will be chaired be a German? It doesn't make a lot of sense but the only person able to make a difference was Blackburn.

Whatever the reason, Blackburn was face to face with a company that was carefree about risks. He was fixated on petty revenge. If only he could have seen a little bit further than his notebook.

There was one other thing that Blackburn made a dog's dinner of and that was my role as a Manchester Community Guardian. For some strange reason Blackburn told the court that I had only been a Guardian for four months. I had photographs from around five years before proving how wrong he was. I never did understand his reasoning on that score. How on earth did it help him if I was new to the role?

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