Ne Obliviscamaur

With the enormous wave of sympathy flowing out of society for the undisputed claim of heroism by PC Palmer, some folk are likely to be overwhelmed by it. We should not take leave of our critical faculties and tar every police officer with the same brush. There is solid and compelling evidence in this web site supporting its claims that a large minority of officers are not only corrupt but even vicious. Of course, we are not going to see these officers on TV. These officers are not to be brushed up, neither are they to appear before any critical members of the public. They are to be kept in a cupboard lest they give the game away.


"Those of you who have been resident here for more than a couple of years will remember the tragic scene of this lovely green belt when it had been trashed by resident hoodlums who were without discipline or boundaries. Doting mothers, where they remained here, exulted in their offspring's ability to destroy something that had been cared for throughout the sixties, seventies, and eighties. Their parents often encouraged them to greater feats of destruction.

The destruction started when young Inspector, Laura Burgess, removed all her officers from this area, leaving Brooklands unprotected. A pewtition was created which upset GMP because thhey wanted us all to forget about this area being unpoliced. Naturally, many residents complained and I was selected to lay them before the police. However, no one knew we were without police. It had been done secretly so no one would complain.

Of course, Burgess had her grand plan upset because there was never an officer to deal with the offenders. GMP decided it would all be OK if I were silent. This is how they were to silence me: PC Blackburn would interview me and hurl at me all sorts of bizarre allegations. When I had become beaten down he would offer me his notebook to sign. It was already written up using some sort of advanced ESP. It must have bewildered him when I refused to sign until it told the truth. We might well fast forward to today. I was stigmatised, thrown in the cells where my Vicar brought me the Eucharist, and genarally given the whole works.

Throughout this long saga I was bouyed up by remembering what Enock Snodgrass and Bill Bloggs did when they had the whole of establishment against them. I soon realised that no one had heard of them so instead I likened myself to Nelson Mandela and Lech Valensa who were recogniseable.

My web site is It contains the mountain of evidence agains the police and all other Authorities.

But what about the petition which was supported by so many of you? It is still with Hazel Kimmitt, Local Government Officer. It was she who returned from discourse with GMP to offer to Cllr David Higgins the incredible news that we were all happy about the vandals trashing The Green because no one had ever complained. She never told us more than that. I received one email in which she declared that she would give her evidence to the Authorities. It was no answer. It was the very Authorities who were determined that the truth should not be revealed." +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

This above passage is for the benefit of Councillors from Timperley and Brooklands who are likely to take a greater interest in what this site has discovered in my research over five years.

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