Not all councils are wholesome places

Not all councillors are like this

This is a councillor in a neighbouring ward of Trafford. She has become a byword for her compassion.

Nothing is ever too much trouble; no effort is too arduous; no walk is too long; no climb too steep; no wait is too long; no storm is too strong; no winter too bitter; no principle too firm. The sound of a poor man or woman groaning over their misfortune - the cap of their benefits; the loss of a job in a cash strapped council; the stagnation of council expenses.

The truth is that this poor woman has become weak in wind and limb. The sacrifices she makes in order to have the widest possible representation for her clients in her ward. She would give the clothes off her back to succour a poor wretch in misfortune.

Truly it is said that she is the Mother Theresa of Trafford. May God preserve her for a thousand years, the more goodness that might be done for mankind.

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