Are there no limits to what organised religeon

will do to force its members to toe the line?

This report saddens me. I just do not understand the mentality of those who believe that the human mind may be so brain washed that it will readily accept being shoe horned into believing a controvertial faith. This Jewish mother will finally have to have her son mutilated when she she has become poor and weak from lack of nourishment. If one were self respecting what should one do about this mutilation? Certainly not surrender one's son to the mutilators.

It is an eye opener for us all. I worship at the Anglican church of St John the Divine and you cannot believe the nonsense that I have heard from its congregation. Its beliefs are all messed up and the clique who run the show are undeterred by using force to achieve their aim. Their aim is to use whatever means necessary to get reluctant or scepticle members to toe the line.

Some of the things I have heard would have the Sphinx wincing:

We should all be aware that if Britain had been alone we should have been bankrupted and been invaded to boot. The Eucharist is a precious sacrament; if you are a believer it is a miracle three times every week at St John's. The clique has elevated the position of hymn singing to that of an article of faith. It is non-such. Christ said do this in remembrance of me! He never said anything about hymn singing nor about a church to sing in. If one were to miss a part of a hymn the penalty might be something like being refused coffee.

If the worshippers are offered a straight choice between a posh nosh or the Eucharest, they will turn up in droves for the posh nosh.

Ecumenicism doesn't stand a chance here.

It should be understood that their repertoire includes all the bowing and scraping but nothing about the sanctity of the sacraments. I used to play rugby and would enjoy a rousing sing song after the match. But the hymn singing in church leaves much to be desired. On the whole the hymns are in a pigeon sort of old English and even with a book it is difficult to tell what they are singing.

It is as though they had never heard of "you will catch more flies with honey than than with vinegar" or "you can take a horse to water but you cannot make it drink".

It is ironical that the parish has a superb choir!

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The news from last week went viral round the world. The overwhelming opinion was that it is unacceptable for a mainstream religeon to punish a member for refusing to dischharge an obligation when the member belives it to be profoundly wrong. It was aspecially so when the obligation could not be reversed. I spoke to a member of my church and heresey was quietly mentioned. The comclusion was that hymn singing is no substitute for the Eucharist. No one has the authority to elevate hymn singing to the level of any sacrament.