How many times will our courts be presented with crooked evidence?

Mr Coghlan has had a spectacular run of failed police cases against him. One should wonder if his lawyers can wriggle like an Egyption belly dancer, or whether the police cases have be corrupted by police mishandling of the cases or by astonishing incompetence.

Whatever it, is it comes as no surprise to me.

One day I was approached by GMP saying that they had evidence from my web site. Now in the 12 years that it has been running there has never been any evidence of misdeeds found on my web site so I was immediately suspicious. Before I found out what they had found I went on total hunger strike and they couldn't wait to send me off to Wythenshawe hospital. It was a good thing that I did so because when I saw the "evidence" I knew that it was not created by me.

The prime suspect was GMP but nothing could be proved against any officer.

But neither did GMP know any better. They were relying on me to make admissions with which to charge me. They interviewed me and I said "no comment" to everything, including when they asked me my name. The "evidence" that they brought was such a shambles that the magistrates took pity on them and granted them four months to get their act together.

However, that evidence was accompanied by two A4 typed pages of scurrilous insinuation and and snide vindictiveness. None of it was true or even been before a court before. My lawyer explained that the police kept records on everybody and called it "intelligence". In this case PC Blackburn had had a field day. He had simply dreamed up anything bad and keyed it in as "intelligence". From memory I think only four words remained when three magistrates went through it rejecting each line.

As for the four months, with just a handful of days left, GMP withdrew the case for lack of evidence.

This state of affairs is not just a flash in the pan. After supposedly conduction a proper investigation taking three months GMP came up with the conclusion that nobody had done anything wrong. That was September 2011. (They had already "lossed" the complaint from the previous January.) I appealed at once to the IPCC. It lossed no time in upholding my appeal but went on to identify a number of flaws in procedure by GMP and also the CPS.

The custody sergeant had no right to accept my arrest on the same evidence that had already been rejected. It demonstrates how all the officers are prepared to lie in support of one another.

The culmination was a CPS, hand in glove with police officers, recycled evidence that had been drained of any value. What was the judge playing at to accept what the police officer said in perjured evidence? She, the judge, has already accepted the truth of what PC Paul Blackburn said. It only needs now for the police to reach a conclusion and the court case can go ahead.

An interesting adjunct to the closing of police ranks is the report of a police survey that revealed that 50% of officers would not report another who had mistreated a suspect. (see this story ).

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