Colledge is a libellous liar

This page is rather special. It will take you back in time to June 2009 to the first time I published the activities of the vandals, which had been maintained for a couple of years before it developed as bad as this report shows. As a result of this report on my web site PC "Y" felt confident enough to join hands with a Local Govewrnment Officer (LGO) and interview me about harassment. There are reports elewhere of this officer's interview technique but suffice to say that none of it was the truth and I refused to sign his pocket book.

None the less, the LGO thought that it was worth sending me a threatening letter, and amplified it by sending some illustrations. They were entirely inappropriate which served only to prove that the CPS was right and the LGO anti-social behaviour person could not properly identify such behaviour. Her name is Kate Loboda.

None of these allegations was an offence. We know that for certain because PC "Y" sent off all of his absurd allegations to the Crown Prosecution Service and every one of them was determined not to be "harassment".

End of last year I asked for an explanation with a perfectly civil complaint regarding the behaviour of Kate Loboda. His reply was an appalling letter unsuitable for any occasion. It is re-produced here:

Instead of checking out Kate Loboda he apparently assumed that the civilised appraoch was to try to dig up some dirt on me. He took on board gossip from corrupt police officers and then, with no caution at all, he told me in writing that this is what he was told. It is all rubbish and the document has been in the hands of the Professional Strandards Branch which has leapt to the keyboard to try to limit the damage. They have sent a message to me and this prize clown, Colledge, informing that the matter is still "sub judice" and could still end badly for the police. What idiots do we have working for us? Cannot the Tories find a worthwhile Leader? I know of some Tories that could cope, are they not willing?

The appalling letter is now in the hands of the Data Protection Agency.

None of these allegations was an offence. We know that for certain because PC "Y" sent off all of his absurd allegations to the Crown Prosecution Service and every one of them was determined not to be "harassment".

Little wonder that the GMP was alarmed. The document is obviously libellous. The only item of truth is that I was given a restraining order following perjured evidence which is still sub judice. There is no mention that it was a conditional discharge, nor the there was no punishment, nor that the costs were shared. If anyone wants to check this out they can browse the pages of this site.

But to take care of his allegations we shall deal with them in order:

  1. His first point is they were not criminal offences. We knew that because the CPS determined that they were all civil. He went on to say that I had come close to committing an offence. Well, not close enough. NOT ACCORDING TO THE CPS! The residents to which he refers were the vandals that neither Trafford nor GMP had dealt with. They were not my neighbours. When I collected the ten signatures for my candidacy I purposely restricted my self to Dalebrook Road and made sure that I took them from ten different households. It took less than an hour. Neither does this Leader explain that I collected over 100 signatures on a petition to protect the green - some support.
  2. His second point is that I was arrested in August 2010. That is very true. He does not say that again I was arrested by the same corrupt police officer and, so swiftly exonerated by CPS, that it never reached court. This is a matter of public record. This false arrest is the subject of ongoing investigation by IPCC.
  3. Thirdly, his understanding is completely WRONG. As I have said, the CPS found no case against me.
  4. Fourthly, I was interviewed as he says on information supplied by Ann Gordon, partner of the double glazing man; both a long, long way from being impartial. Their false words ran into the sand.

    Colledge omits to say that first it was adjourned for four months to give the ineffective police chance to get their act together and secondly, GMP withdrew the case because they had not found enough evidence. It is no coincidence that investigations by the IPCC were ongoing and that the police officer is facing charges of perjury.

  5. Fifthly, he quotes the police as saying my web site was derogatory about them. WRONG again. All of those article were taken from the responsible media e.g. The Times, The Daily Mail, The Guardian, The Telgraph, The Express, and several TV news stations. We challenge the GMP to declare that these stories are derogatory. Maybe they don't have the guts for that but a disabled pensioner is more their size. Check out the button in this web site which says "Recent History".
  6. Sixthly, he claims that I have distributed upsetting leaflets about police and council staff. WRONG again. Only corrupt police officers have been exposed by the verifiable truth. It is worth noting that in the 11 year life of it has never once told anything but the truth. PC "Y" was put on my trail in June, 2009, and by September, 2010, had found absolutely nothing unlawful about me or the site.
It is strange how the web of corruption spreads outward from GMP. As soon as I received the letter from Colledge I complained to my Councillor who represents me, or so it would seem. I present here my Councillor's reply. Evidently, he favoured cosying up to The Leader rather than impartially representing this evidence on behalf of his constituent. What a cop out?

I regret to say that the charges against Kate Loboda still stand, and without any excuse. Kate Loboda must be accountable. As a reminder, she took up with a corrupt police officer, PC "Y", and wrote a letter declaring my behaviour as anti-social. The CPS defined every word of it as falsely labelled "harassment", and she is the Council's expert.

The original whistle from 2009. GMP have said that this vandal behaviour ought to have been prosecuted but it is all out of time now.

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