It is not surprising that GMP officers are unwilling to do dreary community police work when, with a bit of imagination, they would have loads of time in to which might stumble a daring armed bank robbery or a juicy blood soaked murder. Let's be fair, wouldn't we all want to challenge the boring repitition of Telling thugs not to drop litter or drive on a beautiful green.

On the other hand, community police work has much to commend it: regular hours, little danger, decent pay, early retirement, loads of scope for flinging your weight around.

The fly in the ointment is that there are thousands of officers who yearn for excitent to the point where they are not prepared to do the necessary but dull work for which they paid.

The background to GMP is that its officers were so determined NOT to do the work of community police officers that that they simply ignored all complaints. So much so that in my contact with National Government I was given several months advance notice of what was likely to happen. GMP has been required to deal with complaints on or before the third complaint.

Their first move in order to free their hands for more exciting work, was to claim, falsely, that complaints should be sent to the owner of ground. That would have been a smart move if they had pulled it off. Virtually every scrap of land is owned by the local council. Officers could have had a ball. Changing into plain clothes for staking out a launderette to make sure the washers are rotating in the right direction. Or to make sure that they were ready for a big juicy bank raid.

You see, that's why they joined up. They were recruited on the understanding that there were oodles of opportunities to fling their weight around. And if they didn't take the opportunity to claim that, they would be very sensitive to the loss of it.

These are not civilised police officers; they are ruffians capable of bullying the public. The Chief Constable is on record as saying that he preferred officers wth lots of tattoos because he wanted shock and awe from his men. Apparently he said that it enhanced their thuggish credentials. No one is likely to mess with long tattooed arm of the law.

It blows the gaffe on what is really nothing but propaganda. The Code of Conduct for Police Officers, depicted opposite, has nothing to do with the reality. From the public reports from popular and responsible media copied to this web site it is abundantly clear that virtually all officers are in conflict with their code.

Point 1 deals with honesty and integrity and being open and truthful in their dealings. They are not having a laugh, they literally say that. How can that claim be reconciled with the behaviour of many police officers, not least Inspector Burgess and PC Blackburn?

Fairness and impartiality is covered in point 2. Were the Sale Community officers acting with anything appraoching those two attributes when they lied about dealing with vandalism on the green and spent their time persecuting the complainant. Not one independent witness was interviewed.

They constantly demonstrated their contempt for the next point: Officers must avoid "favouritism of an individual or group; all forms of harassment, victimisation or unreasonable discrimination". As they say in legal circles, this part of the code was honoured more in the breech than in the observance.

I could go on and on. By now there are four years of well documented lying and cheating, even under oath. A custodial sentence is the only sentence worthy of the magnitude of their deliberate faults.

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