Disgraced CPS staff abound


IPCC loses some of its gilding.

CPS disappointment.

CPS on the back foot, AGAIN.

Just as corupt as the police.

She has a lot to answer for...

Check out CPS...

Not even in the third world...

The shame of it!

The stink of it!

Saunders under fire

Hraniak under fire

Rules and Regs to keep us safe

Simply shocking

CPS as bad as police officers

Not fit for purpose

Muslims must do their bit

Thousands of cases abandoned by judges who find CPS have lost evidence.

The much vaunted CPS has recently lost more than a fifth of its prosecuting staff due to redundancy and misconduct.

CPS Code

CPS staff face outraged judge

CPS failings

Arrogant CPS is losing friends fast

Last updated:

November 7th, 2013

This part of the web site is reserved for disgraced CPS Officers. The very service that was invented to make sure court evidence was fair, honest and in the public interest, is corrupted by its staff for their own ends. It applies all over the country.

One may see from the wide variety of events that CPS has run the full course and has become so bad that it it prosecutes itself.

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