It comes as no surprise to me thhat the CQC scandal has been revealed. I started m "whistleblower" activity in 2000 after working as a volunteer at Christie Hospital. It was a management information system for the two managers of the volunteers at the hospital.

I don't think that I had a particulrly protected upbringing yet I was thoroughly astonished to find that the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Joanna Wallace, was prepared to send out on hospital headed notepaper lies. Considering her position as one where she would sometimes have to deal with very sensitive situations, it seemed crazy to me that she would be so cavalier with the truth.

She sent me a sickeningly soft soapy letter, telling me what a marvellous job I was doing. I wrote back saying that I was sickened by it. Seeing that I was made of sterner stuff she banned me and I responded by creating the-whistle-blower.org.

She spent oodles of NHS money on a national chain of lawyers to shut me up. Some of the things they threatened were awful. One of their letters threatened to sue me and that I should lose the family home. From nowhere other whistleblowers contacted me and helped to thwart the lawyers. Particularly I was shown how to move the web site off shore and out of reach. The lawyers lossed interest after that.

Three months later she had moved on. I never heard from them again.

The similarity with the current scandal did not end there. I progressively contacted the great and the good to alert them. None was interested in the lies. They included the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishop of Chester, and several religious members of the Trust. They all closed ranks and it is par for the course that today's officials would hide their head in the sand and cover up the wrongdoing.

Nigel Crisp was the Head man in London at that time and I was surprised to learn just how many people he had upset with his brusque attitude. It was an epipheny for me to see what close contacts they all were. Without their support I should have been easy meat for the CEO.

It would seem that several (pseudo)Christian bishops were tarnished with the same brush as were these hospital bosses. Who can one trust???

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