It is a sure sign that some police officers don't open their eyes to what is happening around them when a crash victim is left abandoned at the roadside.

Thank goodness this does not happen too often, but to happen at all is incredible. The propaganda programmes on the TV never show us the ones with the big noses, or the ones that don't get out of their car. That's what it is all about - police propaganda to mislead us into thinking that our police service is wonderful, unlike those nasty officers from other nations.

If only more of us would wake up and see what is really there before us. We cannot blame the press. If nothing else this web site has shown us all how objective the media is.

The second story is about a Chief Constable being asked to resign. A lot of them should go with him. The police service has become far too sure of itself and is now choosing what law to support and what to ignore. This is close to treason and our hope is that one day their conduct will catch up with the police and teach them a well deserved lesson.

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