The Bishop of Middleton gave only half of the story

the one that pleases the authorities.

In spite of the Bishop of Middleton offering the most uncompromising support for the police service, as if no one would dream of saying anything bad about police officers, this report gives an entirely different picture. It is very obvious that there was a lot more to be said for the community and the man than the big fat zero uttered by the Bishop.

This does not mean that the Bishop is wrong, or right. It just means that a sermon without balance, one that offers the most supine subservience to Crown authorities, cannot possibly tell it as it is.

One sided reporting is no better than propaganda, a ruse used to a great extent by Nazis in Germany. That Nation became so convinced that Hitler could do no wrong that they offered him their children. Parents had little chance to make rational decisions as they never learned the truth of what was happening.

Clerics have a duty to speak to the nation on moral matters but there is nothing about that in this issue. Bishop Mark ignores the great mountain of evidence against the police service and in doing so he risks becoming seen more as a propagandist than a priest. I hesitate to draw parallels with Lord Haw Haw because it could be dangerous for an old man like me; but this sort of thing cannot go unchallenged if we want to stay free.

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