Why is our PCC so content to allow these goings on in Greater Manchester Police? The institution of his roll was trumpeted as putting a political (and accountable) hand on the police tiller.

Not a bit of it!

He seems very content to sit on his hands, and intervene only with the dumb dignity of the dead. I produce here his stated prioriities and below the pledges he made at his election.

Apart from his exotic and rather unreal stand on gun crime, all of his pledges can be written off as propaganda.

If ever he meant them he certainly is not respecting them now. He is a 24 carat sham. If he thinks that we are misjudging him the solution is very simple for him. Let him check this web site against his promises. I can assure him that none of his fine words has matched his conduct.

This challenge is real. If he cannot give answers, or dare not give answers, the public should know what a white elephant he is. We are very sure that he is a fraud.

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