Too much sobbing for police

while their innocent victims are forgotten

If only we could be more objective in reviewing how we feel about topics of the day. The report to the right of this editorial shows mass grief for the two police officers murdered a week ago. But where is the balance?

At my church, part of the establishment, a bishop gave the sermon and was duly sentimental about the two women who had been gunned down. It was all topsy turvey.

At no time did he mention a word about the victims of the police. There is enough damning evidence in this web site to horrify even the most unctious of clerics of the Establishment.

It is just the same at Rememberance Day. At St John's we honour the 1% of soldiers who died in the WWII and were native British. There is not even a nanosecond of honour devoted to the millions of Russians, the Japanese, Brasilians, Americans, Indians, Canadians, French, and Germans et alia. What do we do about the 99% who are forgotten on Remembrance Day?

It puts me in mind of Cyprus where General Grivas and his "terrorist" soldiers were killing British soldiers while Bishop Makarios was equally sentimental about the Cypriot deaths.

Shall we continue to ignore the many, many victims of British police atrocities because they woulld embarass the Establishment? Surely, there is enough damning evidence in these few pages to wake up the most right wing of our thinking race. This web site will continue to expose police officers for what some of them are.


On the TV news for 30/09/2012 it is reported that Sir Peter Fahy attended the memorial service for the two murdered police women. He gave a prayer and a eulogy. I see no report that he attended the funeral or memorial service for David Askew, also killed in Hattersley, who was allowed to die by police officers who received more than 80 calls for help. Why should two murederd police officers deserve more respect than a civilian hounded to death in the same place. It has all the hall marks of a venal officer wanting to milk the tragedy for all it is worth.

Quis ipsos custodes custodiet.

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