Disgraced Cops abound (1473)


A tragedy at Christmas.

Texting at the wheel.

Police officers are up to every trick.

Police officers feign ignorance

GMP are as bad as the MET

Police are just as guilty

No one is safe

Saint or sinners?

Police are so choosey.

Condoms on police cars.

Why can't they do the right thing.

Dont get gaught 'if you are later to rely on not enough time to do your job'.

Behind the smile police officers are as bad as we imagined

Just an everyday story od suspicion and terror

Is this the police force that we thought we had?

2 more police scams

Taking photographs isn't unlawful

None of these officers deserves to represent Greater Manchester Police

The worst possible taste

Trust has gone - Official

The depravity of it

Who knows Magna Carta?

Hard pressed to find 2 officers fit to carry guns

No totally honest cops

Who will be the scapegoat

Trust should be everything

Discriminate at your pleasure

The police will only call if your house numer is even

This is as low as it gets

Slowly but surely

Cops not fit for purpose--- again

GMP starts 3 attacks a day

Blatant blackmail

Can they do no wrong?

It just goes on and on.

Sloppy cops.

It's not so specialS.

Are there no cops out there with decent principles .

'Dont run from police holding only a sock!'.

Police delay 20 year old inquest.

National dailies know their stuff.

The brassneck of the man!.

The head lines say it all.

How can one tell?.

Will they have to pick and choose,now?.

Is this what Hogan-Howe wants us to believe is how cops choose?.

Is Hogan-Howe stark raving mad?.

cops too busy so public do it themselllve?.

26 years of cover up goes up in smoke.

In error banker described as 'most wanted' rapist.

It's the same old story...

So - no pressure there then.

The police are supposed to prevent crime

A citizen, vastly outnumbered, is sentenced by police to nine hours solitary

They don't even pretend any more

It's the whole damn thing

Don't dial 999

No sense of security...

One law for us and...

A police sergbeant on the side of the criminals

Police might be losing the right to discipline their own

Another cop out by resigning

Give free sex or be arrested

If it's not little boys then it's prostitutes

Once they were honourable

The GMP think they are so cute

Judicial gags are not new

22 peodaphile politicians

Worldwide corruption

Right at the very top!

Who can we trust?

A wonderful opportunity toget rid of all those police who are known to be liars and cheats.

Staggering poediphilia at Westminster.

More porn on cops' phone.

Cop phones used for porn.

Tasered to death

Villainy just oozes from them

Agents of a decadent society

Establishment's shady people

Foulmouthed Mum

The very thought of it!

Police have their priorities back to front

While these two are sweethearts we are already on the brink

When will they realise they are not on our side

A bolt-hole stuffed

The grossest iniquity

The most revolting aspect

Worse thugs than the ones they arrest

No time for silly complaints

Cops chase autistic child for fun

Never ending gravy train

Plebgate cops still lying

Too many police officers are criminals

Is this a police war chest?

It never gets any better.

Can the cops ever live this down.

At it again.

Cops thieving again

Police ignore abused wives

Still the despised service

The despised service

Still no closure for the Lawrence's

Politicians shy away from criminals in uniform

Deliberate relentless cruelty

Police officers run brothels

High status cops are priviledged

madam who ruled the roost

Chief Constables stripped?

It is high time our police behaved better than the French Revolution

Before the ink has dried we need a new police code

Police have a culture of lying

PCC says Police too Politicised

Bald, oldmen not fit

Anglican Christians murdering Catholic Christians

Dodgy Coppers should be subject to Trading Standards

Not even the PM trusts the police

CPS incompetence

Feckless officers

Police keep "intelligence" record

Just another TU meeting

A little more gravitas

Three years to "investigate" lying police

Rioters castigated

You can't trust the police, especially with guns

American blood lust

Seriosly ill victim left at the roadside

Do they know which side of the law they are on?

The police just cannot learn to leave enough alone

A suspect should be as safe as houses in the hands of the police

Who else would mistake a blindman's stick for a large sword

Pervert cop guilty.

Welsh Cop Reinstated???

PCC expenses investigated

Senior Officers constantly recruit rubbish

Injept police officers

Another mental case.

Who recruits these mental cases?

In spite of GMP cop's success, the rest just carry on as before

Root and Branch surgery appeals

I knew it couldn't be all bad

Lawrences persecuted still

WHY,why,why do they do it???

A sign is born ... er' nearly

More silly compensation payments

The scandal rumbles on

Two more issues raise their heads

"Bluto" GMP blunder about

Wizards, Druids, Sorcerers, Psycics - that's the Met

Cops with guns cannot be trusted

Two unattractive faces of police service

Thatcher's war machine

More and more compen

Drug dealing cop

CC's span the whole gamut

An incident in Sale

Where did they keep their fingers?

The range of culpability

Just plain prejudice

Unsolicited Testimonial

Sex and prejudice

Cleveland under the hammer

Everywhere, corrupt coppers

Ambivalence can be deadly

The day of reckoning cannot be far off.

Pregnancy is no excuse

Police lied and lied-so what's new.

Officers are charged.

Hillsboro cover up.

S. Manchester cops are tops

Milking it for all it's worth

And it's all done in the best possible taste

Too much sobbing for the police, not enough for their innocent victims

Big Lie No 7 Bishop Mark

If constables need such training, why will PCSO's do just as well?

3 strikes and the cops are out

Can the cops hide behind "derogatopry"?

Crooked cop forced sex on woman

Crooked cops sold guns to criminals

Hillsboro again

Big Lie No 7 Bishop Mark

Corrupt Police raid Tesco, "Every little helps"

Too much sobbing for the police, not enough for their innocent victims

Still looking for some discipline and boundaries

Ignore crimes, they might go away

Elaborate funeral

A coroner intervenes

Police feeding frenzy

Cop failed 999 calls

Two cops arrrest wrong man

How can they make these insane decisions?

Why are cops always, always innocent?

Blame the culprit, not the victim

The press say that the police are not on our side

They are not protecting people and fighting crime

A 60 year old woman is dragged to the cells but the cop is "innocent"

Who's laughing now?

The stolen sexgel and police privatisation

16 hours to respond to desperate 999 call

Cops are let off lightly

Massive inquiry by IPCC but some people still think the police are angels

Anything you can do...

"Sexual predators must be rooted out" (IPCC)

Illiterate cops cost us dear

Top cops sacked for corruption

Scandal hit top cop hangs

Fahy drops a clanger

Loads of police when nobody needs them

Police want multiple-shot lasers

A simple mistake 13 years old leads to murder

The Map of Corruption

Brooklands deserves better Councillors!

Melanie Griffiths is brave and common sensical

Corrupt Cops fostered by Councillors

Rape cases cop jailed

Why are we surprised by cops' low morale?

Northern Ireland is the same if not worse

It has never been against the law to burn a poppy

Why do police officers do what every one can see is the wrong thing?

Let us now see what our PCC is made of

Coroner traps the lies of police officers in Sean Rigg death

Savage British justice has to improve

How can we ever be sure of our police?

Staring into the abyss because of one misjudgement?

You can never tell who will turn out bad

Last updated:

October 26th, 2013

This part of the web site is reserved for disgraced police officers. It is prominent because the corruption is itself prominent by virtue of being so wide spread. In spite of Greater Manchester Police spending m's on propaganda to counter the disgraceful reputation for honesty "enjoyed" by the police service, it has not worked.

Hence the very, very elaborate funerals for the two recently murdered police women. How did two constables afford such magnificent turnouts? Oh! Sorry, it's the police that fund it, isnt it? All the same somebody has to foot the bill eventually. Might it be the poor struggling poor that cough up.

Poor David Askew didn't get a funeral like this, nor did Fiona Robinson and her daughter.

Can any police service be so desperate for favour that it needs to go to these tasteless lengths to achieve some high regard? Should any chief constable be allowed to spend money like this? Mind you his own officers have got it just in time for Christmas. So, that's OK.

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