This shocking footage captures the moment a female police officer was punched in the face and had her head repeatedly smashed on the ground in a 'sickening' attack.

Until a few years ago I should have accepted the above statement without question, but I am older now and wiser.

Why is it that most Britons will read this account and trust it in spite of the very well known and comprehensive corruption of the police service? Who can possibly browse these pages and simply assume that we are being treated to the truth? We know enough now to be sensibly aware of what might be the truth.

That having been said, it is possibly the exact truth, but what would it take for a vengeful police constable to make up a bit of it?

An officer who can go into court and tell, under oath, that he has a document that would prove that the defendant is guilty, but never produce it. Who, in the same circumstances, would tell a judge that there were never any complaints, when his own Professional Standards Branch has already found 19 of them.

These are just a few of the many lies told by PC Paul Blackburn in his campaign to punish me because I would not sign his pocket book which was full of lies. If you are in doubt read the earlier pages of this web site.

What would it take for an Inspector such as Laura Burgess to toy with the evidence? Laura Burgess sent several emails to me (all of them published) in which she claimed that that Blackburn had received copies of my complaints and the photographs of the vehicles driving along the green. What would it take for an Inspector Burgess to re-write the evidence to her advantage? She held a meeting with me in the Sale police station in September, 2009, but she wrote up the meeting to suit herself in the following January. She back dated to the Sepptember but still claimed that it was contemporaneous.

More than that she told me in writing that her officers had been dealing with the vandals driving on the green, yet she also said in writing that she had withdrawn her officers from Brooklands in June, 2009. At the time I said 'what a liar'. She also told me that I should tackle the vandals myself, and when I did so, she had me arrested. I knew absolutely nothing of how police worked. I had been brought up to view them as our friends, not the enemy.

So, how can we be sure that Justice has been done? Even the National Government claims that British Justice is now corrupt. It is also notable that the British Judge was a female who could well have been unduly sympathetic to a fellow female. It was so in my case and if in doubt just read the official documents elsewhere in this web site.

The female Judge (Judge Lloyd) inexplicably accepted the evidence of the police which was effectively logic on these lines. Ingemar Johansson was a heaveyweight boxer; so was Muhammed Ali. Therefore, Ingemar Johansson was a black American Muslim! In the same case I had read the date which travels with every digital photo. I knew when the shutter was pressed because it was part of the meta data. This utterly bewidered judge claimed I must have a good memory. Is she crazy or what?

It is surely only sensible to carefully check the evidence before jumping to conclusions.

There are many uncertainties about this incident and the widespread corruption of both judges and police leaves no room for complacency.

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