Up to now we have seen the Police Code of Conduct telling us how the officers ought to have behaved, and we have seen the letter of the law that tells us what these two corrupt officers had pledged to uphold. In fact, they spent all their resource on trying to arrest the one man who not only knew the law but was trying to uphold it.

This dereliction of duty is sufficient in itself to indict the officers on the grounds of corruption, but it was going to become worse - comprehensively worse. They were about to become two of the worst officers in the whole of the Greater Manchester Police Service. This was not because they assaulted suspects, or raped and murdered, but because their despicable behaviour was slow and deliberate and determined.

Before we move on to corrupt manoevrings of the officers it is worth taking a close look at what the vandals were doing to "the green" and how the pair of officers had to go out of their way to turn a blind eye to it all.

Inspector "X" persisted in playing it all down. When she could no longer avoid referring to it she would only call it "parking on the very edge of the green". In reality it was far, far more than that. Unremarkable vandalism had by June 2009 matured into a quite unique and different kind of vandalism. Vandals had come and gone, and while they were around they would throw anything to hand into the brook, yet these vandals were still around when they had acquired cars. For the first time we not only had these resident vandals that had vehicles but the father also behaved in the same way.

I had been advised to capture their antics on camera and I did so lots of times. Take a tip from me: if you are dealing with corrupt officers video is much better. In my experience officers who saw the photos said things like "on very little evidential value" and also "no date". Without video footage of them moving the length of "the green" and/or them moving between the kerb and the brook, the police simply denied that it had happened.

All my photos were digital photos and were date and time stamped.

There are many such photographs that demonstrate the scope of the driving all over "the green". The one on the right here shows a car that is nearer the brook than the road. It is difficult to believe but the police persuaded this family to declare in a signed statement that their son only parked on the edge of "the green" and then only when there was no parking space on the road. What a liar! And all due to partial policing contrary to their code and oath. Only the electorate can sort out this awful outrage.

How can voters in this old democracy be content with the police service as it is reported here?

With this evidence who can doubt that the police officers were protecting and encouraging these offenders. Is this what these corrupt officers were pledged to do, or is it taking partiality to its limits?

There are three reconstructions to show how wide the vandalism spread. Then we have the range of the damage all over "the green" to support our claims.

The coloured lines represent the course of the delinquent driver. The pink one shows when the driver, an adult male, was trying, and succeeding, to taunt me. He left his parking spot on the pavement and drove over to the brook before returning to his spot on the pavement. There were witnesses but they were never interviewed by the police, another clear sign that they were under the protection of the police service. This occurred the day after I received the news that thhe CPS was refusing to take action against me at the behest of PC "Y". It was very noticeable that for the 48 hours following the No Further Action (NFA) by the CPS there was an intensification of the taunting.

The photograph with the orange course represents the track of the driver who was zig-zagging along the green in order to give his child an exciting ride on the grass. It is worth remembering that there were 19 complaints identified by the police investigation - the Professional Standards Branch - but none of them were ever followed up by PC "Y". In spite of his work as the Community Officer and the obvious relationship he had with the vandal families he even claims that he knew nothing at all about the vandalism.

The photograph with the red track is the course the vandals followed when they were racing each other at great speed along the geen belt. It was a ferocious demonstration of how badly these lads could behave. Without discipline and without boundaries these vandals were a clear cut menace to the world at large.

On that photograph there is also a yellow circle near the foot bridge. Spinning around the car tears up the grass in a circle. That's when a car is driven to tear up the grass on the surface. It is on step on from smashing up bus shelters for fun.

With all the photographic evidence who can doubt the large-scale scope of the outrageous vandalism, and yet it happend under the very noses of these two corrupt officers. What were they thinking of to betray our community so comprehensively. The actual communmity that they had sworn to protect. These corrupt officers must never be let loose on a community again.

We fervently hope that this web site will become a lesson to us all. We can no longer rely on the police service as we used to know it. The police code was very good but these days the officers honour it more in the breach than in the observance. Its only use is that it demonstrates how badly some officers have strayed from the straight and narrow.

GMP is doing its dedicated best to avoid disciplining these two officers but we will not let it rest at that. No matter what pressure is brought to bear we will be ready. I have every expectation of somehow going to prison and dying on hunger strike; but whatever the outcome we must not allow these two corrupt officers to escape accountability.

We hope that it is noticed by browsers that the following damage shows that the issue is far more than occasionally parking on the edge of the green. It gives the lie to Inspector "X"'s insinuation that the issue was merely that. The truth is that the vandalism was wide scale and completely illegal.

This evidence shows that these residents are not prepared to do a three point turn. They find it easier but more anti-social to drive around on "the green". Make no mistake this is illegal.


Yet again this is one of the same residents who just don't care for "the green". Why should all the rest of us suffer this when it is clearly illegal and the police have the power to stop it?

I could say the same again. It is the same residents living right in the middle of the road.

What will they say about this mess. It wasn't us. It most certainly was them. How long can "the green" take this sort of punishment before it becomes a bomb site?

This is the same scar from another angle, but it is from the same vandal who doesn't give a toss about the damage.

This is a strange sight, yet it happened just this way. Dozens of residents must have phoned the police because there were so many complaints. This one was handled properly but maybe that was because my complaint went to the PCSO who dealt with it promptly - credit where it is due.

This scar shows that the grass does not heal overnight. It was more than a week old. One may see how the grass around the scar has grown but the scar is still completely bald.

This is how motoring on the green roughs it up well and truly. Shame on Sale officers who pretended to protect us from this sort of thing. The simple truth is that they didn't care one jot about us or their oath.

These tracks from a private vehicle show how even in dry weather a 4X4 can make its mark on the vulnerable green. Are drivers like this mental, or just slobs? One may be able to suspect where it came from?

These tracks are from more or less the same place at a different time. The corrupt police officers knew all about this sort of thing but did nothing about it. Sometimes there were witnesses but they were never visited or interviewed by police officers. Whatever tale IPCC were told to convince them that the police did follow up some complaints, they were not the ones that included an independent witness. We call upon the IPCC or whatever replaces it to tell us the truth about some different officers might have followed up the complaint.

This terrible damage is obviously made by something other than a car; and no, it wasn't made by the council van.

These tracks are from approximately the same place, one may just make out the big white van parked on the road.

This was another car that had been someone'd pride and joy, Wanton destruction brought its life to an end. Notably, there is no evidence that our resident vandals were involved in this offence.

This was an exciting scene. The four lads in volved were arrested during the night as a result of my photographs. They all got four months. These were the days when I was commended by the magistrates and the police. Then the two corrupt officers came on the scene.

This was another car that had been someone'd pride and joy, Wanton destruction brought its life to an end. Notably, there is no evidence that our resident vandals were involved in this offence.

Having read of the scale of the corruption of these two officers it might not be surprising to learn that none of the above was taken in to consideration by the trial judge. She has justly earned the epithet "Bewildered".


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