It seems that even the very respectable Christians have become blazé about the Eucharist. The church service has become uppermost in their minds to the point where they no longer see the need for Holy Communion. So long as there are items such as Christmes trees, candlesticks, songs, stained glass windows, a sermon, or a war memorial they could want no more.

I have kept it to myself but I have observed. I could describe it as the entire service ground down to a very fine amalgam where every bit is the same as any bit of the rest. Apperently, they don't miss the Eucharist; if the service is there. If the amalgam is homogenous or amophous there becomes no distinction about any of it.

The Eucharist is the main event. There is no equal - no substitute. Some would say that since it is the main event, one might as well be worshipping a candle stick or a war memorial.

The good news is that there is a new focus on the sacraments and we shall see the availability of the Eucharist improving. One should not forget that Christ specifically commanded us to do the Eucharist in remembrance of him. He never said anything about candlesticks, or singing songs, or even mentioned a church.

There is a surprising piece in The Chuch News. A parish in Liverpool has had some of its elite banding together to force the priest out. A visitation by the Bishop found that the parish had failed its "OFSTED" test and that the PCC had become dysfunctional.

In any parish where the Laity takes a strangle hold it is likely to lead to dictatorship or even heresy.

I don't know exactly how it works but I have seen some odd customs in the Church of England. I have written previously about how one parish is apt to force one to worship as they do, so they provide punishment for defaulters.On the whole it is not seen by the rest of the congregation as reprehensible or unchristian. We have ways of making you worship!

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