The good times have gone.

Many people are not at all surprised to hear that Peter Fahy, our Chief Constable, is under investigation for offences associaated with sex. He has long been controversial, even deriding the very oath that he took as a police officer. I cite two weird controversies here: after a visit to a conference in Belfast he famously explained to the gathered throng of reporters that he would be encouraging his officers to treat offenders as doctors decide to treat patients.

His assumption was that doctors looked for the least sick patients to treat on the understanding that the doctors would get the credit for successfully treating the sick.

This is a pretty callous view of doctors. There is bound to be a few bad doctors as there will be in any group of people, but there is nothing like the scale of corruption in the Police Service. Where does he dream up these weird ideas? Another brainwave was to recruit officers with tattoos because the would lokk like the thugs they were dealing with. Does any part of the community want to be policed by thuggish officers? The guidance given to all officers is that they should police the community with the consent of the community. He has little time for the community, unless there is publicity for him in it.

Still less surprising is the behaviour of Tony Lloyd, our PCC, who astoundingly pledged to support the police to the hilt before his election, according to the inclinations of the Labour Party. Now where did that weird idea come from? Aren't PCC's supposed to to offer the community a say in what what the PCC decides?

The first photograph shows the VIP's at one of our many dances for the Italian Community. To the centre are the Lord Mayor and his wife; to his left is me, followed by Mr Serafino Di Felice, President of the Italian Heritage Association. Next come a very attractive young woman whose name I no longer remember (strange, I can easily remember her husband's name).

Standing to the left and rear is the very man himself - Tony Lloyd, our errant PCC. Instead of intervening with suspension, Lloyd has publicly stated on TV that he is not inclined to suspend Fahy until the charges are cleared up one way or another. What a useless appendage he has become. To his left is his wife, followed by Sicillian Mr Salvatore Agro, one time owner of The Romans in John Dalton Street.

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