Greece - the sick man of Europe

Wiith thhe Greek referendum firmly set on a course of 'No' it seems that Greece has finally found its fate. Not that it hasn't been there before. n the.very old daysagreements rested on oral promises and blood feuds. It needed a strong man to pull it round. Such a man was Draco the Lawgiver. If they are relying on him now they should be told that he died 400 years before Christ was born.

However, that was not before he had given his name to the 'Draconian' measures that were needed.

About 4 years ago I asked an entrepreneur ,recently returned from Greece, what had gone wrong. He replied 'they would not pay their taxes'. It would seem that he was not only candid but alarmingly on the button. The report on the right is scandalous.and says as much as words can what was wrong with this system.

As with the EU, foods became cheaper as laws began to bite but over time things were ironed out and success prevailed. It certainly looks as if the Greeks did not learn a lesson, so it would not be good for national character building by treating them leniently. Perhaps, we are emmured to having benefit scroungers and welchers living on the soft under belly of Europe.

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