The police lied and lied (Daily Mail)

So what's new?

The truth about the police is coming home to roost. Who among us can now afford to doubt the police capacity for screwing the public. As in my own case, this was not a transient dig in the ribs during an arrest - it went on for years and years.

The police officer who kept arresting me started lying to me the first time that he met me in June 2009. He has been lying ever since and the introvertible evidence against him is the same solid ducumentary evidence.

There is enough evidence to proceed against him now but we shall wait until the IPCC has plumbed the depths of his character.

I am a ferocious keeper of records and if we fail in our endeavour it will not be for want of good records.

We are not short of public support. In the last election we made contact with 300 households. With a 40% turnout 120 households accounted for that turnout and we mustered 117 votes, not counting ourselves. That is without mentioning the petition to the Council signed by well over 100 people.

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