Brooklands Deserves Better Councillors!

As witness statements go one could hardly get better than Hitchens of the Tory Daily Mail and the independent Chairperson of the Independent Police Complaints Commission. Both of them in this report put pen to paper to declare the truth about today's Police Service.

One wonders what either of them might say by way of advice to Brooklands Councillors. Would they say that they are traitors to a long and distinquished political party and ought to be ashamed of themselves for wilting in the face of corruption; taking time out to treat corrupt officers with uncritical adulation in the hope of currying favour with the powerful police.

It seems certain that Hitchens would not recognise the antics of Conservatives who cower in the undergrowth while he stands up for what is undoubtedly the right thing. Do they feel no shame for ignoring the mountain f documentary evidence that demonstrates the true corruption of the two officers from the Sale Community team.

Dame Anne Owers from the IPCC would doubtlessly express herself in a less forthright manner, but the core advice must be the same.

Chief Superintendent Rumney's empty words failed to explain the way that complaints for behaviour from 2009 to 2011 were not dealt with. Some fast tracking there! A complaint made originally in January 2011 did not receive an verdict until September, and then only to say that nobody had done anything wrong. My appeal was instantly upheld.

We cannot be placated by weasel words. Brooklands Councillors must step onto the carpet and be admonished. They cannot run with the hare and hunt with the hounds, it is ignoble of them. Brooklands residents deserve better!

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