World Vision U-turn over same-sex marriage

On Monday the President of World Vision surprised supporters by announcing that the charity had lifted its ban on hiring Christians in same sex marriages but after two days of heavy criticism from Evangelical leaders, including calls for donors to withdraw funding, he reversed the decision, apologising for making a “mistake”. P> This is a report in the Anglican Church Times.

There are some disappointments in life which many find difficult to shake off. We expected the Parish Eucharist this morning, the church was heaving because it was the service for boy scouts etc. But there was no Eucharist. If you take the Eucharist out of the Parish Eucharist what are you left with? Wooden benches, stained glass windows, a jolly good sing song, or a lot of children.

There is nothing about these things which are especially Christian. Rarely would any of them relate to anything that Christ said or did.

It has long been known that in every parish in the world there are a few christians who have missed their calling. Most people will know in advance what they are like. Today someone who ought to be thoroughly ashamed of herself disgraced herself with an act of downright ignorance. Seats for coffee after the service were at a premium and my friend left his seat to collect biscuits. I was left to look after his seat.

While I was not looking a woman snatched his seat and without so much as a by your leave took it away and sat on it. I whispered to her “ will my friend have to sit on your lap?” Rather ungraciously she said that she didn’t know that it was already taken, but there was no sign of regret she simply turned away and indulged in conversation.

You will recognise the type. In the five years that I have known her she has been aloof ( some say she has been on the stage) very confident that she is one of the elite or the delectissimi. She would never condescend to speak to some ordinary oike like me. As I have said before there are a few pseudo Christians but none, in my experience, has been so ungracious. The norm is to say “excuse me, but is this seat taken?” It’s common courtesy. Perhaps, she justifies celebrity status?

As you sow so shall you reap. My friend says he will watch his chance and if her seat is left unattended, he will snatch it away and sit on it.

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