I was cleaning up my hard drives when I came across some old photos. I had forgotten many of the people who featured in the pictures, the notable ones were very easily remembered. The ladies of Italian origin used to dress up in national costume and were very well received by the Brits.

There is still a section of the Dalebrook community which employs little consideration for others. A new comer has recently firmly stood her ground when next door neighbours were ignoring the sensitivities of those who also lived here by parking badly and unfairly. I wish this new comer well.

It is not a matter of whim, or fetish, or caprice. It is the subject of researce by learned scientists who after years of knowledgeable experiment have reached a scientific conclusion. It should not reach the ears of those who pride themselves on being intelligent as a surprise. The scientific conclusion that they have reached is so simple that it could be domonstrated with a simple tape measure.

The simple conclusion is that motorists tend to drive at a speed according to a perceived carriageway. When a motorist parks a vehicle on the pavement in Dalebrook Road, either in part or in whole, the remaining carriageway is wider than any lane of the M25, or any other motorway for that matter. The carriageway is the gap between the opposite kerb and the vehicle itself. A simple tapemeasure is good enough.

This wide gap unconsciously becomes a speedway for some motorists. The ones who park on the pavement probably think that they are being so courteous to other motorists but it is anti-pedestian and a danger to children. Indeed, I heard one new motorist, hardly more than a child her self, justifying her parking by saying that she could not afford to pay for repairs in the case of her wing mirror being clipped. As a motorist, she is now responsible for her fuel, insurance, repairs, and parking. Avoidance of these costs should not be at the cost to the community. It is a spurious objection, anyway. How often has a car been struck by another down Dalebrook Road? The protection from such an accident is negligeable. Such behaviour potentially avoids legitimate motoring expense but at everyone else's expense. The young lady might just as welll avoid actual cost by driving away from the pump without paying.

The ex-council houses that face down the green have a different problem They drive across the green to their front door contrary to section 34 of the RTA, 1988. There have been many complaints about this very thing. I have always argued in the favour of these residents because, where we can, I think that we should accommodate each other. It is reasonable to turn a blind eye to an old or aged motorist who wants to drive heavy bags to the front door. However, I have evidence of two youths driving at high speed across the green to reach their front door. They emerged from the car carrying between them no more than an empty water bottle between them. They appeared to be no more than 20 years old. When we are faced with this sort of intransigence, the only way forward is to bring the force off law to their attitude.

The picture to the right show a group of children playing precisely where motorists drive across the green. Do their parents allow them to play in the middle of a road?

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