"Stop Corrupt Police in Sale"

As you can see from the headline we did not go behind anybody's back when we invited local people to vote for our independent candidate. We made it very clear in Dalebrook Road and Newlyn Drive where we stood in relation to the police. Since we had such good evidence supported by the IPCC it was worth puttinng in the public domain

The recommendations we put forward were enlightened, simply putting the Trading Standards in charge of the poice standards would have put things right at a stroke.

Instead of taking months or years to settle a simple matter, the TSI would clear it up like they do with an errant hairdresser or decorator. The cost would be minimal.

As it is now, when all the evidence demonstrates that the corrupt police officer is lying when he says he did not know there were 19 complaints, the Professonal Standards Branch comes up with delaying tactics such as bad memory he was on holiday every time a complaint was made on his patch.

I cannot see the trading standards wearing that. Neither would there be injustice. The IPCC has checked out the two officers and it is crystal clear:

The police reform unit is the tangible evidence of the Government's discontent with the present arrangements for making corruppt police officers accountable. Most of us doubt that there is much appetite within the police for accountability and it is unlikely that they will cooperate while they investigate themselves.

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