The story so far

This is a serialised book entitled The Crown Corruption. It is so called because after several years of research I have concluded that, with the single exception of the Fire Service, every branch of Her Majesty's service right across the UK is corrupted to its core. Most notably the Police Service shows all the others what corruption really is. Everything is supported by original documents from the corrupt Servants. Even the royal family are not excused because when I wrote to Her Majesty, a feckless Lady-in-Waiting put me down with a cursory note claiming that how could She give an answer to such an incomplete question. Did she but know it the entire question is in Her Majesty's records. All She had to do was look it up.

The book begins by citing some of the first signs I saw of brazen corruption in the NHS. When I retired I worked as a volunteer at the Christie cancer hospital. My role was to design a relational database so that the managers of the volunteers could use it as a daily diary which repeated it self every 28 days, and which would hold a pictorial record of every volunteer - about 200 of them.

Every volunteer was assigned a job(s) and the database identified how long they had worked and where they had worked. It does not sound very much but it is much more powerful than a spreadsheet of similar performance. Such databases are called flat files and One simply have them replicate themselves every 28 days. However, with a properly written relational file that is impossible because identifiers have be minimal but also unique. They simply will not allow the records to be copied, because then they would not be unique.

When auditors need to produce reports the relational database could be programmed to do anything required. I used to describe it as an MRI of the entire staff because one could cut it and slice in any fashion. I loved juggling with data.








More chapters to come.

I completed my book more or less a year ago and sent it to the publisher for their scrutiny. When I polished it up their lawyers wanted changes so we reached a compromise. I would comply with their changes but put the unabridged edition on my web site. I can only thank god for my survival until this tale is told.

A little lower down than this line is a connection to the rather dull archive of hundreds of reports as a result of my research.

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