This is a report from the The Daily Mail, It saddens me when such a good newspaper produces such party political tripe.

It follows reports that benefits would be cut for job seekers who are not able to prove that they have chased enough jobs. In affluent families, the IT revolution is more likely to have given advantage to those who need to prove their dedication by creating copies of CV's, and freshening up "ragged" CV's.

The playing field should be much more level than thaat.

All the Anglican bishops have formally taken the same line, and even the Archbishop of Canterbury supports the overall view.

One of the firmest tenets of union is freedom, especially freedom of movement, and it is one of the aspirations of the EU. Freedom of Movement has certainly not curtailed development in the USA, whilst the lack of it in the USSR condemned millions to poverty.

It seems to be true that some immigrants are vagabonds, but isn't thatwhy we have democratic laws and a police service that works with the people's consent. It would be better if more honest police officers cleaned up their act and deallt with citizens according to the law.

I think that I can help in this case. If any local young person is in peril of losing benefits because they are not able to cope with copying CV's, then I have copying facilities and printing software. In spite of limited resources, I shall provide this service free of all charges. Just contact me by email if you can or knock on my door.

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