Now that the first steps have been taken down the road to litigation I wonder where it will stop, I have never sopoken to Hazel Kimmitt nor even seen her but she is important to me in my life. The only connection to me is the email message that I include on this page.

Her reply effectively prevented me pursueing that line of inquiry. She offered to tell the IPCC her evidence but she probably knows that at this level GMP is the agent of the IPCC. She was offering her evidence solely to the very police officers who had been lying through their teeth for a number of years. This must surely be the clearest evidence of the unhealthy relationship between Trafford Council and the GMP.

Had I been a cabinet minister I expect that the whole nest of vipers would be serving time by now.

As I said at the beginning, I don't know the lady at all. I think that she is as honest as most but possibly sees her official role as one that is subservient to the police and should offer the most supine support to them. That often would be the best policy but it denies true justice and is hostile to my human rights. Access to Justice is an accepted condition that this government has a duty to respect.


Kate Loboda is another Local Government Officer who has an unhealthy relationship with GMP. The evidence against her has no question mark over it. She acompanied PC Blackburn when they interviewedf me following complaints made by the hooligans who had moved into Dalebrook Road. They both made unbelievable allegations about me. There was not a word of truth in them. It is noticeable that our polce were intent on action, but not against the hooligans - against the victim in accordance with the orders of Inspector Burgess. The IPCC lost no time in identifying the partiality of the police conduct. For all her "expertise" Loboda could not recognise anything that I had done as harassment. Fifteen months later every last one of them had been rejected by the CPS.

Since the Professional Standards Branch (PSB) of GMP had defended Blackburn's perjury by claiming that the CPS had vouched for the evidence, I asked the Council to investigate.

She sent me a warning which, of course, I ignored because the allegations were nothing to do with me. Her warning was about youngsters kicking a football against a gable end wall. It looked as if there was no case to answer, since I was a 68 year old disabled pensioner. Indeed, that was so when the CPS saw the "evidence".

From my viewpoint it was no more than a bloated council employee promoting herself and the authority that she wielded.

Matthew Colledge

I wrote to Cllr Matthew Colledge, the Leader of the Council, and asked him to take a look at her conduct because she could not be trusted to offer an objective view but simply trailed in his footsteps and agreed with every word.

There was no investigation. His reponse was to speak to GMP and try to dig up some dirt. GMP took their opportunity to revel in vindictive innuendo.As son as the PSB knew what had been done it immediately sent me an email regretting the letter and withdrawing anything which quoted it. His reply was the most scurrilous letter which honoured the truth more in the breech than in the observance. That letter was the last word and still stands.

He has recently left the council and no doubt thinks he has left it well behind him. The decision whether to take action against him or anyone will not be taken by me. Three associates of the same council combining to pervert the true course of justice is a really serious crime which carries a serious number of years in jail for "conspiacy".

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