What does she mean????

Hazel Kimmitt

Over 100 residents signed a petition to make GMP stop the vandalz who were trashing oour Green. Naturally, it was put into the habds of Trafford Council, the Local Authority. Hazel Kimmitt's job was to contact GMP and report on what its input was.

Incredibly, thiis council employee stitched us all up by reporting back that there were no complaints. We know that her report was false because when the Professional Standards Branch of GMP was forced to investigate it found no fewer than 19 complaints and residents know that there were many more than that.

So, what could have happened? Kimmitt is not saying and, though it happened several years ago, she has not revealed the truth to this day.

What game is she playing? Is she meek and mild and does what she is told without regard for principles of any kind? The most charitable view is that she is too frightened to tell the truth, but if that is so why has Trafford left her dealing with corrupt police. On the other hand she is too crooked to tell the truth on police officers with whom she has social connections then we want that nest of vipers cleared up straight away.

Having considered lots of options our considered opinion is that Kimmitt is in complete control of her faculties and is hoping that any criminal activity will have expired. That would mean that her perversion of the course of Justice has paid off. It will never happen. The evidence has her already in its trap. She alone has the truth and the Council has a complaint lodged with it under her name.

She might be innocent of any criminality but that is a difficulty in her position: she spoke to GMP and has never revealed anything except lies, she has told Cllr Higgins a very obvious lie that there have been no complaints, she is either lying to everybody or she has sold her soul to GMP. The time is fast running out for corrupt servants of the corrupt Council and Colledge is not a defender. He has forfeited the benefit of innocense by failing to carry out his duty when some years ago he took no official action. Time is fast running out.

If Kimmitt is a simple soul who is overawed by anybody in GMP then she is not able to serve ratepayers in the role that she has been assigned. We are all in jeopardy and whose fault is that?

If she sees a police officer and just assumes that this officer is one of the few honest and hourable ones to whom she must defer, how does she tell the truth about such an officer. We should have some trouble seeking out an honest oficer and comparing him/her with another from our rogues gallery but no one can tell them apart in a blind test. So, what is her gift? Why has she allowed so many to remain in the service? Does she think that such police officers ought to be able to continue raping women in the cells, assaulting young girls, murdering for profit? Is there no depth to which she would stoop to protect guilty police officers?

On the other hand she might be entirely self serving? A famous author once said that Justice should not only be done but be seen to be done. Does she know that her sort of justice, should it exist, is completely invisible? Her offer, if it is genuine, means that her crucial evidence can only be put into the corrupt hands of the very police officers who have tried so hard to erase it forever!

Is she mad? Is she bad? Is she simple? In all this time she has failed to see any reason to come forward with her evidence that she was told that there had been no complaints. Does she care?

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