I have recently watched a documentary on North Korea. It saddens me when an entire country can suspend it critical faculties to the point where the Leader is widely regarded as an infallible God. The people offer him their most supine subservience.

There could not be a mention of the Leader without the adjective "Great". Known as "The General", a young girl claimed "our Great Leader, the General, to whom the whole world looks up".

Discontent was prohibited. Should a foreigner make the mistake of suggesting that the Leader might not be 100% perfect, a stream of assertations would issue forth with all the things that might possibly have been achieved by him.

To complement that would be total denial of anything that had gone wrong.

Now where have we heard all of that before? In UK the hard right cannot tolerate any criticism of Blessed Margaret Thatcher. It is very like the people in North Korea. The tiniest aspersion on her record brings forth a highly improbable stream of indignant superlatives.

At once she is the greatest leader of any country that ever lived. She is the saviour of our country. She made the summer Sun shine, and the April showers. Single handedly she defeated the Argentines. The fleet lost no vessels. The Welsh Guards were all heros to a man. The fleet was well equipped with airborne radar so that no Argentine aircraft could leave its country without the airborne radar detecting it. No radar device had to be switched off in order to make a phone call to London.

No Cabinet Minister walked away from her cabinet. She was never reviled in Europe.

These flaws are hotly denied just as much as they would have been had they happened in North Korea.

I don't think that Thatcher should be hated but we must be realistic. To make such absurd claims will surely sound very hollow in history.

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