Both reports here are about the same police officer. Yet again it is concerning a pervert police officer. You can believe these because they are from the more respectable end of the mdia.

There are far too many convictions of police officers indulging in sexual criminality. Barely a week goes by without some British corner of our country hitting the headlines because we simply cannot trust our police.

Locally we have some police officers who are so idle that rather than stamp out vandalism on our green they would prefer to have our green stripped of its protection under law. To that end they are lobbying for Trafford MBC to remove the protected status of our green purely to save them the trouble of being forced to answer complaints.

They are now forced by London to answer complaints because from June 2009 the police Inspector here in Brooklands, Inspector Laura Burgess, secretly removed all cover from our community.

After lobbying central government about the antics of Inspector Burgess and PC Blackburn I was notified that their behaviour would catch up with them in the form of Government intervention to force them to deal with complaints.

The complaint before the IPCC at this moment is that two GMP officers have refused to follow the law by dealing with harassment by claiming that other officers had dealt with the harassment. It is demonstrably a lie but we don't mind we shall be in court soon and we don't mind how deep they dig their hole before the hearing.

The IPCC is presently considering a list of more than 20 allegations against two officers. There are alredy complaints supported by the IPCC from two earlier investigations.

Not long to go!

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