Recently I had a conversation with a sergeant at Sale who said that the green alongside Dalebrook Road was common land and as such motor vehicles should be allowed to use the first 45 feet of it. This followed on from an earlier visit by two police officers from Sale who said that an email had already been sent to Trafford Council asking them about the designation of the green space.

Nothing has been heard from the police about that email but they could have been lying. Considering the lies that are recorded against Sale Community police this lie would not be surprising.

It makes it abundantly clear that one should not rely on police probity but check things out for oneself. The two officers who called refused to investigate my complaint of harassment because they had to "research" the position of the green. Nothing is lost, though, because I immediately complained about the two officers and and it will be judged by the IPCC.

The sergeant was speaking on the telephone and presumably would have continued to give me a load of codswallop if I had not stopped him in his tracks. He tried to tell me that regular patrols along Dalebrook Road had never been interrupted. He stopped short when I announced that Inspector Burgess had confirmed in writing to the IPCC that she had withdrawn her officers in the June of 2009. It was the same sergeant that had told me that the green was common land and therefore motor vehicles were allowed.

Councils are required to keep a precise register of any common land and ours is certainly not on the register. I could see no sign of Trafford's register but I show as an example the one for Cheshire. The links are here and here.

Given that the National Government are so protective of our green space, we are suspending the petition to Trafford Council to continue protecting our open space; the same goes for the online petition.

It is a pity that our National Government and our local police service are at such odds over the value of our green space.

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