There are two very interesting reports here. They are all the more surprising because they deal with issues that are so misunderstood.

The first one is about bad parking and we feel that most motorists do not understand the dangers and inconvenience that motorist cause.

Recently I have had to knock on someone's door because the foulmouthed cleaner had parked on the pavement to such an extent that I had to walk in the middle of the road. She said that she would insist on parking on the pavement because she was concerned that her wing mirror might be clipped by passing traffic. It has never happened in Dalebrook Road!

Should this woman be allowed to drive when she is clearly so very incompetent as far as distance awareness is concerned?

The second report is about an issue that is so very like my own. Like me he has been let down by the police and the evidence supported his allegation. I should hope that my litigation would not run to 4 years.

I also should like to know which legal team he used. There should be no doubt at all in the minds of the public that police officers do some times overstep the mark. These were obviously guilty.

There is one more thing that should be noted. The "Protected Open Space" that runs along Dalebrook Road is under conditional protection. The protection is conditional upon some one with the nerve to invoke the law. Only when it is invoked may we expect the police to enforce the law. Although, someon who lives in the first half dozen houses (no names) in Dalebrook Road reported that a police officer stopped his car to speak to a dog walker who had just driven on to the green. The motorist moved his car back on to the road. This officer was a real policeman who used his own initiative and it didn't mean he was spending more that a few minutes.

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