Generally I am very much in favour of migration to Britain. Long, long history has taught us that migration has always been for the betterment of Britain. We have the example of Jewish migrants fleeing Hitler, Ugandan Asians fleeing Idi Amin, the Hughenots fleeing French Catolicism, and many other surges.

Today I have changed my mind. I still believe that the migrations mentioned above were a good thing for Britain, but this present surge is different.

Previous migrations were composed largely of peaceable migrants bringing great skills. This migfration, on the contrary, is composed of rebellious people, who obey no law, obey no rules, insist that they have the right to invade another's country, without engaging in the formality of registration. Apart from anything else they are steeped in Muslim culture.

Can anyone conceive of the enormous damage that might be done in Britain if thousands of disaffected Muslims decide they want to protest in our country and they are not prepared to obey British law. These thousands would be one step away from Muslim anarchy, and they would be anonymous, too.

How can we walk, with eyes tight shut, in to the lion's den.

I should like to offer my most profound regrets and apologies to my Muslim friends and those unknown to me.

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