One tactic used by Inspector Burgess was to undermine me by heavily suggesting that I was disliked by my neighbours. She she reckoned that my only neighbours were the vandals, 3 or 4 houses, who held their reign of terror on the green belt.

Nothing could be further from the truth, but considering the astonishingly big lies that she told for about 18 months, this lie is small beer.

The fact is that I was given this reference by someone who has spent a lifetime in Dalebrook Road at the far end from me. I get great support from the residents, including little Christmas gifts as I walk my dog.

When I set out along our road to ask for signatures to condemn the vandals on the green belt, I collected well over 100 signatures with ease.

The real shock came when I stood in the local elections as an independent. We put 300 leaflets through letter boxes which, in a normal turnout, would mean about 130 votes cast. We actually picked up 117 of those votes, not including our own. That's some suport! Just to ensure that everybody knew what we stood for I coined the slogan "Stop Police Corruption in Sale".

It's not too soon to wish everybody a very happy Christmas.

And the IPCC investigation is still active, awaiting a credible defence from Blackburn. He still claims that he did not know about the 19 complaints, even though he was the Community Officer, phoned me about some of them, and his inspector has said in writing that she had discussed all of them with him.

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