There is no hiding place

The poster on the right proposes that the Sale police officers are listed therein. Three or four months ago I noticed this poster in public display. There were one or two officers missing.

Notably, Paul Blackburn was missing.You can see where he used to appear because there is now a big red cross where he used to be. Is he the invisible man? Could he have gone into hiding because GMP is expecting a court appearance and wants him out of harm's way?

If they can manage that they would still have to build a brick wall around the second witness, the Inspector Laura Burgess.

If he has gone then good riddance!

The whole area is still suffering because of the machinations of him and also his Inspector, Laura Burgess. There is no quick fix for what this pair of dishonest cops have done.

We had every right to expect much from her since she is a Sale Grammar School girl. Mind you some of those who went to that school were not world leaders by any means. Some have not a scrap of English grammar to their name. One of the first messages I saw began "I have spoke to...". Later I saw some extended text that was littered with punctuation all over the place, I remember thinking it was "sneezed" on to the page.

There are a few decent cops in the team, so why can't we have them here? It's what we pay for, isn't it?

One of the decisive factors in the coming recrimination will be the dishonourable partriality they have heaped upon us. Their names will become a stench in the nostrils of honest cops.

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